The above video was taken last year on Easter Sunday in Old Town San Diego where I asked my long-time girlfriend of six years to marry me (Corissa). It was such a rad day and great moment for me. I am the type of guy who really never gets nervous, but that day I was struggling quite a bit keeping it together in anticipation of the proposal. Thankfully, a couple of margaritas and shots of Patron helped numb the senses without causing me to lose my ninja like focus and cat like reflexes. I am sharing this very personal video with you because:

A) I think it’s awesome.

B) I look damn sexy in a sleeve-less tuxedo shirt.

C) If you are going to give me the opportunity to document such a personal moment in your life, the least I can do is share with you such a personal moment in mine.

Weddings are a blast. I seriously have such an awesome time being at them and am truly blessed that people give me the opportunity to photograph them. On one of the most memorable and important moments in a couple’s life they choose me to be there and document the beginning of that love story. I am a very lucky individual.

My name is Ryan and that is my story, so hit me up and let’s talk about your story!


Turn Ons:

Wedding Photography, good music (like basically anything off the TopGun soundtrack), creating music, opening day of baseball, making sweet love to my lady, MMA, cowboy boots, a cold IPA in a hot shower, my dog Sinatra who endlessly barks, our newest little furry lady Lucy, the beach, snowboarding, bowling, golfing, sleeping in, Anchorman, Saved By The Bell, my iPhone, traveling, mint chocolate chip ice cream, recycling and Britney Spears when she shaved her head and was attacking vehicles with that green umbrella while slowly losing her mind.

Turn Offs:

When I am too lazy to make it to the gym, managing money, fur coats, meat loaf, dog urine on my carpet, traffic on the 91, cruelty to animals, inappropriate times to have flatulence, my neighbors who find it necessary to bump bass-driven rap music in their cars at 2:00 a.m. on their way back from the “club”, garbage in the streets, people who grunt real loud at the gym (totally unnecessary), telemarketers, SPAM (the junk email and the “food”), scratched CDs (why do I still have CDs???) and ghosts (they do exist and are not all sweet like Patrick Swayze in Ghost, holding you closely while shirtless and helping you sculpt clay with Unchained Melody playing in the background).