Baby Time With Gabrielle Quinn

Family Photo Session

There is nothing smoother than a cold beer on a hot Summer day, or the rear end of a babies’ butt, a wise man once said. Since I do not have children, I had no way of testing this theory, but felt strongly confident nothing was smoother than an ice cold beer on a hot Southern California day. This seemed impossible to dispute in my mind. As I was pondering this great and important question, a couple named Danielle and Tim, who trusted me to shoot their wedding, contacted me about also putting together a little family/baby shoot. Initially, I was a little hesitant because I pretty much consider myself strictly a wedding photographer, but since this was a couple I already worked with I felt comfortable doing the whole baby photography thing-a-ma-jigger. The images below are of Tim and Danielle’s new addition, Gabrielle Quinn! She is a lovely baby who kept it classy during the entire photo session!

One of the coolest parts about this shoot was that it was real simple. The parents were not interested in putting Gabrielle in a bucket or some laundry basket to make the photos appear “cool”. Instead, they wanted simple photos of her hanging out like she normally does everyday, while playing with Tigger and some of her other favorite toys. They were not interested in making this some crazy photo-shooting session, and I have to say I respect that.

I have to admit that this little baby photography session was actually pretty fun, and a nice break from the normal Murrieta wedding photography sessions I am used to dealing with. Another special part of the day that boosted my ego was seeing my wedding photos in Tim and Danielle’s living room. There is no better feeling than seeing someone appreciate and enjoy your art!

Also, after talking with Tim and Danielle, they assured me that a babies’ butt was indeed smoother than any ice cold beer on any Summer day. Knowledge is power people. Knowledge is power…

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