Bella Collina Wedding Photos San Clemente

Wedding In San Clemente, California

Bella Collina Wedding Photos

When I first met Jasmine and Jason we got together at a little pub in Temecula, California where we talked about craft beers and wedding photography. We literally spent 90% of that time talking about good times + delicious adult beverages and the other 10% of the time going over the vision they had for their wedding day. Instantly, I knew this was a couple that wasn’t going to stress out over the little details and instead really focus on having their wedding day be awesome. And awesome the wedding was!

The wedding took place at a venue called Bella Collina located in San Clemente, California which was my first time photographing a wedding there. Wedding day coverage started at a nearby hotel where I photographed the girls getting ready before heading to Bella Collina to snap photos of details and the groomsmen. The girls were doing some classy drinking of champagne where the conversation revolved around whether or not the guys were already drunk. It was a legit concern given the reputation the dudes had. But when I left the girls to meet the groomsmen at Bella Collina I was impressed to see that even after multiple rounds of beers and shots they were all looking stylish and acting like distinguished gentleman…well let’s say close to that. I think the only thing that matters is that nobody panicked and made a detour to Mexico, which was mentioned a few times but was never really close to being acted upon. But what did happen was Jasmine and Jason got married, they laughed, they danced, they took kick ass photos and had a f***ing awesome time throughout the day and into the night. So the wedding was an absolute success! Below are some of the photographs from that day. Cheers to Jason and Jasmine!

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Wedding coverage was 8 hours with one photographer at Bella Collina in San Clemente, California by Temecula Wedding Photography company Rock This Moment. Those interested in viewing more Temecula weddings can check out this recent wedding at Europa Village winery!