Casa Cody Wedding Photos

Palm Springs Wedding Photos

Palm Springs Casa Cody Wedding Photos

Good afternoon world! I hope you put those cucumbers over your eyes last night and got plenty of beauty rest because today I have decided to post one of my favorite weddings of the year: a intimate desert wedding in Palm Springs with ceremony and reception at the historic Casa Cody Inn. For those not familiar with Casa Cody the Palm Springs hotel is where legendary actor Charlie Chaplin would vacation when he needed a break from the posh Los Angeles dirty martini and cocaine soirées. Sometimes Mr. Chaplin just needed time to focus on new tap dance moves and experiment with stylish mustache looks, click link and it was Casa Cody that he chose to work that sort of Tom foolery out.

The following wedding features Mark “Attorney of Pain” Blackborow and Kaitlin “Cold Steel” McGarry. The setting was desert-riffic and the couple literally brought sexy back. So please put the puppies in the cage and get ready for some Palm Springs wedding photography at its finest in 3….2…..1…..

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