Coronado Island Wedding Photographer

One of the great things about the Temecula wineries is that they attract a large number of outside visitors. People from all throughout California travel to the Temecula Valley to get a little sauced up on some of the local reds and whites, and I for one think this is a wonderful thing. However, the Temecula wineries aren’t all about slamming glass after glass of champagne and snacking on cheese. Believe it or not, the Temecula wineries are also wildly popular among those getting married, and those looking to renew their vows to one another. That was why when Summer and Jay from Pacific Beach contacted me about photographing a wedding renewal ceremony at South Coast Winery (one of my personal favorites), I was on board quicker than Lindsey Lohan could get thrashed at a open bar during cocktail hour. Probably even a little bit quicker!

So everything was set for South Coast Winery in Temecula when I was informed by Summer that plans fell apart and that they would instead be having the ceremony at a location called Bay View Park on Coronado Island. Bay View Park is a small and intimate location, making it the perfect setting for such a event. Therefore, the ceremony site move from Temecula to Coronado wasn’t a bad thing at all. Below are my photos of Ron Burgandy’s turf, and of course Summer and Jay’s vow renewal extravaganza! Let’s go!

Summer and Jay are both transplants from far away distant galaxies known as South Carolina and Texas.  I don’t recall the specifics on exactly how they arrived in Southern California, but I heard them speak frequently about something called the “shake weight” so I can only assume they had some sort of partnership or investment in the fitness product that literally vibrates uncontrollably in a person’s hand. The device sounded pretty exciting.

I absolutely love it when I get to spend extended time with my clients because it allows me to be a little more creative with some shots. For example, the above images that were taken in the middle of the day in Summer and Jay’s backyard. I used some off-camera lighting to blast a a white curtain that created the silhouette shots. However, I think the best photograph is the one below. A simple note written on a kitchen white board that says it all.

After the vow renewal, some friends and family gathered at Summer and Jay’s pad to cook up some crawfish, shrimp, and all the fixings. This was the first time I ever ate crawfish so it was a pretty big event in my life. I felt like John Wayne. He probably ate crawfish for breakfast before he killed Indians.

Although this Temecula wedding photographer had to be a Coronado wedding photographer for the day, I could not have been happier getting to spend my day with such friendly people full of life. Hopefully, my new friends will give me the opportunity to shoot their next vow renewal ceremony. Congrats Jay & Summer! Continue being strong like the lion, smart like the beaver and wild like the might grizzly during a salmon run!

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