Darlington House Wedding Photos

 Darlington House Wedding Photos, FAQs, & Venue Guide 2023

Darlington house Wedding Photos

I could see why Dorothy fell in love with David the moment he began talking to me about his favorite Scotches, and when they explained their vision for the wedding at Darlington House. Honestly, I knew it was going to be a fun day. Basically, they wanted to have a good time and have their wedding photos reflect that. Simple and awesome. So on the wedding day, the groomsmen dusted off the cobwebs with some 14-year-old Scotch, bridesmaids toasted the morning with champagne and the entire wedding day went smoothly. Also, THANK YOU for not only allowing me to document your day but to trust me to do the stupid shit I do like lay on the ground in oily puddles and take you away from the bar for a few moments to get just a couple more shots. Photography shots, not whiskey…but we should totally drink whiskey… Cheers guys!

Darlington House Wedding PhotosDarlington House Wedding Photos

About Darlington House – Wedding Venue In La Jolla, California

Nestled in the scenic neighborhood of La Jolla, San Diego, Darlington House stands as a beacon of historic charm married with modern elegance. A mere few blocks from the Pacific Ocean’s blue waves, this venue offers a picturesque and romantic setting for your wedding day.

Originally the part-time residence of Mrs. Sybil Darlington, this unique venue has a rich history dating back to 1925. Three architects contributed to the creation of the home through 1940, each adding unique features influenced by Spanish, Grecian, Italian, and Egyptian designs. Whether it’s the ornate wooden doors or the stained glass from an Egyptian mosque, the Darlington House offers an aesthetic exploration that transcends time and geography.

Inside, sophisticated furnishings and unexpected details create an inviting ambiance. Vintage tiles and worldly influences reflect Sybil’s love for travel, infusing every room with character and memorability. Outside, the gardens are a visual treat, showcasing nature’s vibrant colors and textures.

Both indoor and outdoor spaces are available, allowing you to tailor the venue to your specific wedding day ideas and needs. Whether you’re drawn to the vintage charm of the interiors or the breathtaking beauty of the gardens, Darlington House provides a unique canvas for your special day.

This was my first time ever shooting at Darlington House in La Jolla, California and I have to say the rose garden estate was really incredible. Everything was easily accessible, the venue offered a wedding photographer a lot of unique backdrops, and the San Diego weather is always fantastic. The beach was nearby, the alleyway behind Darlington House had some cool vibes and the entire property was photogenic. It was sort of like Leonardo Dicaprio in the 1990s.

Darlington House Wedding PhotosDarlington House Wedding PhotosDarlington House Wedding PhotosDarlington House Wedding PhotosDarlington House Wedding PhotosDarlington House Wedding PhotosDarlington House Wedding PhotosDarlington House Wedding Photos

Darlington House Wedding Price

How Much Does It Cost To Get Married At Darlington House In La Jolla?

Considering a wedding at Darlington House in La Jolla? This venue offers exclusivity, with only one event held per day to ensure you and your guests fully immerse in your special occasion. Whether planning a large or small gathering, you’ll find a space that suits your needs. Here’s a breakdown of the packages and details:


$7500 for a 6-hour event (4 PM – 10 PM), Thursday to Sunday.

  • Entire first floor and gardens.
  • Second floor for early wedding party arrival.


$6500 for a 5-hour event (5 PM – 10 PM), Thursday through Sunday.

  • Optional upgrades for second-floor use and early wedding party arrival.

Please note, neither package includes catering or rentals, allowing couples to choose their own vendors that reflect their style.

Venue Details:

  • Egyptian Patio: Accommodates 100 people for ceremonies.
  • Rose Garden: Seats 200 for vow exchanges and 150 for dinners.
  • Andalusian Patio and Library: Ideal for cocktail receptions.
  • Upstairs Suites: Available as dressing rooms.
  • Kitchen’s Facilities: Available for caterer use.
  • Outdoor and Indoor Event Spaces: Versatile options for your ceremony and reception, with a guest count of up to 200.
  • Additional Amenities: Handicap accessible, liability insurance, covered outdoor space, on-site accommodations, and wireless internet.

The venue is suited to both large and small gatherings, offering flexibility and a personalized touch for your wedding at Darlington House. Whether you’re planning a reception or a full ceremony, these offerings can help you create a celebration in La Jolla that truly reflects your personality.

Darlington House Wedding PhotosDarlington House Wedding PhotosDarlington House Wedding PhotosDarlington House Wedding Photos

Wedding Receptions At Darlington House

San Diego wedding venues that offer a well-lit bridal suite, Andalusian patios, personal touch dining, and cozy event space are not easy to find. Darlington House provides all of those amenities and so much more, making it one of the trendiest garden wedding venues in La Jolla, CA. Guests loved mingling in the cool beach air during cocktail hour and dining under the stars and market lights at dinner. And the backdrop, well, it made for awesome wedding reception photos!

Darlington House Wedding PhotosDarlington House Wedding PhotosDarlington House Wedding PhotosDarlington House Wedding PhotosDarlington House Wedding PhotosDarlington House Wedding PhotosDarlington House Wedding PhotosDarlington House Wedding Photos

Darlington House Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use the Bridal & Groom Suites at Darlington House for Getting Ready?

Yes, you can! Book for 5 hours or more, and the Darlington mansion will provide you with beautifully designed bridal and groom suites on the 2nd floor. Looking for a balcony overlooking the patio for those perfect wedding photos? You’ll find it here. The bridal area, filled with natural light from big windows, includes a spacious bathroom, full-length mirrors, and plenty of space for your bridal party. Planning your wedding has never been so elegant!

Is Early Wedding Party Arrival an Option at the Darlington House?

Yes, it’s an option! With access to the 2nd floor, you have the right to Early Wedding Party Arrival. So, you’ll start your preparation 2 hours prior to your ceremony. Want to begin even earlier? Some couples choose to rent the upstairs suites starting from 9 A.M. Imagine the flawless productions you’ll achieve with extra time in such a fantastic setting!

Where Can I Organize the Ceremony at Darlington House?

You have choices! Organize your intimate wedding ceremony on the Egyptian patio for up to 120 guests, or opt for the romantic Rose Garden for up to 200. Both offer a beautiful backdrop, with the garden’s stucco pergola serving as a perfect altar spot. Need to add a touch of elegance? Some floral arrangements will do the trick. With plenty of space, planning your outdoor wedding has never been more delightful!

Where Are The Best Photo Spots at Darlington House For The First Look & Couple Photos?

Your First Look can be in front of the side garden or one of the picturesque garden corners nearby. Concerned about lighting? The greenery and the house itself provide shade from the afternoon sun, ensuring no harsh contrasts or partial shadows in your real wedding photos. The stunning beach wedding ambiance of southern California awaits your special moment.

Wedding Vendors

  • Wedding Planning: Amy June
  • San Diego Wedding Photography: Rock This Moment
  • Artistic Videography: San Diego Films

Check Out This Dreamy Wedding Venue Yourself:  7441 Olivetas Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037