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Bold Statement. We know. But We Are That Confident In Our Wedding Films. Picture this: you’re standing on a pristine, sandy beach, sunset casting an ethereal glow on you and your partner. You’ve traveled thousands of miles to say “I do” in paradise, and now, you want every moment immortalized, every emotion perfectly framed. Enter our team of destination wedding videographers, and expert storytellers who transcend borders and time zones to capture your love story. We’re not just artists with a camera—we’re your travel companions and your personal documentary crew. As you embark on this romantic journey, we’ll be right there with you, encapsulating each breathtaking moment in a cinematic wedding film that mirrors your unique love story. Choosing a destination wedding videographer ensures your special day is forever etched in stunning, emotive detail, no matter where in the world you choose to say your vows.


Documenting the bold, adventurous, and madly-in-love couples are what our team of award-winning destination wedding videographers live for. We believe in the power of storytelling and how it can help people relive the most beautiful moments of their lives. We believe in films and believe that your story needs to be shared. So let us document your story wherever your love takes you whether that is in Southern California or somewhere else in the world.

Destination Wedding Videography Service Areas

We are an LGBT-friendly team of wedding videographers who love creating films for same-sex couples! 


    Travel Wedding Videography

    There is nothing we enjoy more than destination wedding videography because it allows us to capture brides and grooms in locations everywhere in the world. Locations that are special to them and their tribe. So if you want to elope in Yosemite, have a beach wedding in Malibu, or have a modern, luxurious wedding in San Francisco, our team of destination wedding videographers is here to help. Our travel wedding videography team of filmmakers is based in Southern California, but we frequently travel in order to document amazing couples wherever their adventurous hearts guide them. Therefore, if you’re interested in destination wedding videographer packages outside of Southern California please know that we absolutely are willing to go wherever your love story takes us!

    Destination Wedding Videographer Frequently Asked Questions

    How Much Is A Destination Wedding Videographer Cost?

    Destination wedding videography packages start at $2,950 and can go as high as $7,700 for coverage, but additional costs for travel may be required depending on where a couple is getting married. However, couples seeking a destination wedding videographer Italy, Singapore, Bali, or other exotic locations can receive some discounts for the opportunity to build a more international destination wedding videography portfolio.

    Is Mexico A Good Spot For A Destination Wedding, And How Can A Videographer Make It Even Better?

    Yes, with Mexico’s vibrant culture and captivating locales, your wedding becomes an enchanting event. Picture this: Puerto Vallarta and Cancun, are known for serene beaches and breathtaking views. Imagine these as the backdrop for your wedding video. Not just visually stunning, but emotionally resonant too. Here’s where our experienced videography team steps in. Always travel-ready, we meet you at your dream location, eager to capture your unique story. From a beachside venue in Cancityn to an intimate gathering in Puerto Vallarta, we adapt to your needs. Above all, our team ensures your special day is perfectly captured, marrying your love story with the beautiful backdrop of Mexico.

    Can Destination Wedding Videographers Handle Both Weddings And Elopement Films?

    Yes, elopement videographers, like us, are well-versed in capturing both weddings and elopements. Whether you’re tying the knot in a grand outdoor wedding venue or you’re eloping in the idyllic beaches of Cancun, Mexico, our videography team will be there to immortalize every moment. We specialize in capturing the essence of your union, wherever that may be.

    What Should I Look For When Hiring A Destination Wedding Videographer?

    The key is to find a team that resonates with your vision. You’re not just looking for a service provider but a hopeless romantic who will pour their creativity into your wedding cinematography. Review their previous work on their wedding website and see if their style aligns with your wedding inspiration. Consider factors like their experience with destination weddings, how they interact with wedding vendors, and their ability to capture the essence of the wedding venue.