Disneyland Hotel Wedding Photos

Disneyland Hotel Wedding Photos & Guide

Disney Hotel Wedding Photos

Why settle for a typical wedding when you can have a Disneyland fairytale wedding? Go big or go home right!? Disneyland offers more than just a venue; it provides a magical experience straight out of your favorite Disney classics, like Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast. Not to mention, celebrating your wedding day with Mickey and Minnie is probably better than your drunk cousins and uncles! In this article, I am going to share some Disneyland Hotel wedding photos and answer some FAQs, equipping you with everything you need for your enchanting journey. Now, start by looking at some Disneyland Park wedding photos featuring Dev and Kelly!

Disney Hotel Wedding Photos Disney Hotel Wedding Photos Disney Hotel Wedding Photos Disney Hotel Wedding Photos Disney Hotel Wedding Photos Disney Hotel Wedding Photos Disney Hotel Wedding Photos Disney Hotel Wedding Photos

Getting Married At Disneyland Hotel In Anaheim, CA

Kelly got ready at the Disneyland hotel before rolling down to the Adventure Lawn Gazebo to meet with her soon-to-be husband Dev. The wedding ceremony was simple and intimate, which was perfect for this couple who only wanted to be surrounded by close friends and family. For me, the best part about the wedding was the 11:00a.m. start time that allowed me to get home while it was still light outside, which is something that never happens. However, the mid-day wedding ceremony meant that I would be taking photos in really harsh lighting. This did make it a little challenging to find cool spots for wedding photos. But I get paid to take kick ass wedding photos every hour of the day not just golden hour so I put on my big boy pants and went to work.

Disneyland Hotel Wedding Review

Disney Hotel Wedding Photos Disney Hotel Wedding Photos Disney Hotel Wedding Photos

When I got to the Disneyland Hotel around 10:00a.m. I saw tons of excited children everywhere. All those little faces full of wonderment and joy was so awesome to see. However, when I left a few hours later, a much different story was being told. I saw parents walking with the look of absolute defeat on their faces. I saw kids throwing tantrums while being jacked up on ice cream and soda. In fact, one of the last images I recall from the day was a father pushing his twin sons in a stroller and at the same time drinking a couple Coors Lights. Hell, watching so many kids scream and seeing grown men wearing Mickey Mouse ears made me want to drink as well!

Kelly’s Disneyland Hotel Wedding Review – Words From The Bride

Read Kelly B.‘s review of Rock This Moment Photography on Yelp

Disneyland Hotel Wedding FAQs

Can I Get Married at Disneyland Hotel?

Yes, you can have your fairy tale wedding at Disneyland Hotel. You can choose from various magical venues such as Rose Court Garden, Sleeping Beauty Pavilion, and Adventure Lawn Gazebo. Your dream of getting married with a stunning backdrop of Disneyland Resort can become a reality. The hotel offers full-service wedding planning, making your special day stress-free and enchanting.

What Wedding Venues Are Available at Disneyland Hotel?

The Disneyland Hotel offers a variety of wedding venues. These include the romantic Rose Court Garden, the elegant Sleeping Beauty Pavilion, and the charming Adventure Lawn Gazebo. You can also explore other venues at the Disneyland Resort like the Grand Californian Hotel’s Magic Kingdom Ballroom. Each venue provides a unique setting for your special day, ensuring a memorable experience for you and your guests.

How Much Does a Disneyland Hotel Wedding Cost?

Wedding pricing at Disneyland Hotel varies depending on your chosen venue and the details of your event. Generally, Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings start at $15,000, with options to add on services like floral arrangements, entertainment, and catering. You can work with the hotel’s wedding planners to tailor your celebration to your budget and preferences, ensuring your fairy tale wedding aligns with your vision.

Can I Have Disney Characters at My Wedding?

Yes, you can invite your favorite Disney characters to your wedding! Adding Mickey, Minnie, or other beloved characters to your guest list makes your event unforgettable. This unique touch adds a magical element to your celebration, delighting both you and your weddings guests. Your Disney wedding planner can help arrange these special appearances.

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