Engagement Photos At Balboa Park, San Diego

I remember quite vividly the day I met Anthony and Kayla at a local Starbucks in Murrieta to discuss wedding photography. The reason is because that exact day, when I was driving to meet them, my right blinker stayed on and never went off. I had to disconnect my battery every night because of that stupid blinker, and thankfully, eventually, by the grace of Zeus it finally unstuck one day! To this day I do not use my blinker when making right turns for fear that it will once again get stuck. I suppose this is simply the price a person pays when investing in a expensive foreign luxury automobile like my 2003 Hyundai.

So Kayla is one of those brides who takes care of business. She contacted me about wedding photography over a year before her and Anthony’s actual ceremony date! I, on the other hand, am getting married in a month and still have not booked my honeymoon. We are the complete opposite. But I believe this is more of a man/woman thing than a personality thing, or a least I would like to think so. Kayla’s family would not stop pestering her about getting engagement photos done so they could post an anouncement in their local newspaper, and we all know you do not want to make mama or grand mama unhappy. That led to Kayla and I scheduling a time for this Temecula wedding photographer to pack up his gear and head down to her and Anthony’s neck of the woods in San Diego, California. The setting for the engagement shoot was Balboa Park, and below are a few of the photographs from that day. I suggest you put your swim gear on before looking at these images because they are HOT!

After a couple hours taking photos throughout Balboa Park, Kayla, Anthony, Corissa (my lady/assistant) and I were all hungry. Since all of us enjoy a good Taco Tuesday special, we headed to nearby Old Town San Diego to a really cool place called Fred’s Mexican Cafe. Here we drank margaritas, ate tacos and had long discussions about world domination. I am really looking forward to shooting their wedding next year! We will surely be rocking!