Engagement Photos Sunset Cliffs San Diego

Engagement Shoot At Sunset Cliffs In San Diego

Taking photographs of newly engaged couples is always an awesome experience. As a wedding photographer in Temecula, I frequently do engagement shoots and weddings in the wineries. Although the Temecula wineries are a great location for any photo shoot, it is always a treat to leave my local area and take photos of a couple in their neck of the woods in locations that are meaningful to them. That is what happened when Kristy and Joey contacted me about taking their engagements photos at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego. The area all around Sunset Cliffs is a absolutely gorgeous, and it also was home to Kristy and Joey. That made the setting that much more special, meaningful and representative of the happy couple. We began the engagement session in a parking lot near one of the beaches at Sunset Cliffs where Joey and Kristy wanted to incorporate some photos of Joey’s green VW bug. This car was pretty freaking awesome and was definitely a colorful prop that made for some unique photographs. After some shots with the car, we moved to the beach, surrounding areas and then into Ocean Beach to photograph them near some cool San Diego architecture. This was my very first photo shoot since I became a married man and I have to admit that it felt different than before. I can recall with vivid detail the stress we had planning the wedding, contacting vendors and setting up pretty much everything for our wedding day. However, I have to say it is all worth it and that everything comes out fine in the end. So before I continue rambling on and on about myself for multiple paragraphs, let me introduce you to my new friends Joey and Kristy!

Many wedding photographers browse through other wedding photographers’ websites and blogs to get inspired from time to time. Personally, a fellow out of Los Angeles by the name of Max Wanger always blows me away with the work he produces. One of his trademark shots or styles is the heavy use of negative space in his work. I truly love the way he uses negative space, and in a couple of the above photographs from the engagement session I made an attempt to reproduce that style of image…with mild success.

After the engagement shoot at Sunset Cliffs and around Ocean Beach, Kristy and Joey were off to grab a burger and a beer (one of my personal favorite food combinations), but I was unable to join them because my lady at home had a migraine and wanted me to pick up dinner. That just means I took rein check so I’m still expecting that beer and burger Joey and Kristy! Hope you guys enjoy the photos, and have a stress-free year planning that wedding before next October!

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