Falkner Wedding Photos

Falkner Temecula Wedding With Steffani & Chris

Falkner Winery Wedding Photos

WHOA! What other way can I open about this recent wedding captured at Falkner Winery in Temecula, California. I have always enjoyed photographing weddings in the Temecula Valley wineries and more specifically Falkner Winery (I like how Falkner Winery gives brides an option to have their reception in the pinnacle room or in the garden section), but I was totally blown away at the awesomeness I was able to document at Steffani & Chris’ late May wedding. It all started when Steffani hit me up via email very late at night about a month before her wedding ceremony in search for a Temecula wedding photographer. What happened was her and Chris had a falling out with the original wedding photographer they had hired months earlier and were feeling the stress of finding someone to photograph their wedding on short notice. I reassured her that everything would turn out great and that it truly was a blessing in disguise because I had that date available (the only opening I had in May) and was ready to kick ass for them. We rushed things along as quick as possible, meeting at Falkner for wine tasting and discussion about her vision for the wedding. I talked with Steffani and her maid of honor Breanna about my approach to photographing weddings as well as how they would want me to capture Steffani’s big day. I can honestly say that these two girls were amazing from start to finish. They were both warm souls who were nothing but awesome from day one, and therefore I was left with a feeling of excitement about the opportunity to be part of such a special day. Breanna, you are awesome and were such a big help to Steffani. I also appreciate you assisting me during the reception! Steffani, what can I say …..you are amazing. Your love for life and laughter is infectious and radiates on everyone. You really were a stunning bride. Chris, you are one smart guy. Not just because you got your PhD at such a young age (huge congrats by the way dude), but also because you hitched yourself to an awesome companion for life. I wish all of you the absolute best and hope we cross paths again in the very near future! Cheers!


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