Family Photos Pechanga Indian Reservation

Pechanga Family Photos

Usually when I’m heading out to the Pechanga Indian Reservation it’s because I’m taking a break from the Temecula wedding photographer life to indulge in some adult beverages over at the casino. But this post isn’t about hard 8s and cold beers. It’s about Temecula family photo sessions! So over the past couple years I’ve been stepping outside of my wedding photography business and offering more family photo sessions. I think this started when I had kids of my own and realized how fleeting and valuable everyday moments were to me. Personally, I never liked family photos where everyone has matching outfits and they are like sitting in some rattlesnake infested field. The family photos I enjoyed were the un-posed and unfiltered images of daily life. I’m talking about kids crying, jumping, screaming, laughing, falling, playing etc. These were the real authentic moments I wanted to remember and I felt clients would appreciate as well. Those are the family photo sessions I offer and those were the style of family photos that my new friends the Briscoe family wanted.

When I first spoke with Andrew I was literally in my office editing a wedding. He called me about wanting to do a family photo session on the Pechanga Indian Reservation as a gift to his wife for her birthday. The caveat was he wanted to rock the session at Pechanga Indian Reservation that day lol. Thankfully, it was a weekday so I literally had no plans but to edit the day away. Instead, I cleaned my gear, cleared my memory cards, time synched my cameras and headed off to Andrew’s property to photograph his lovely family. Below are some of the un-posed photos from that day in Temecula.
Pechanga Family Photos Pechanga Family Photos Pechanga Family Photos Pechanga Family Photos Pechanga Family Photos Pechanga Family Photos Pechanga Family Photos
As an added little bonus I was able to have a few minutes with Mom and Dad and take some photos of them as well! Whenever you get the opportunity to snap photos of Mom and Dad together I feel you have to jump on those rare moments!


Pechanga Family Photos Pechanga Family Photos
Those interested in rocking a un-posed and authentic family photo session can Contact Me anytime to learn more about my style and approach to lifestyle photo sessions.