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Frequently Asked Questions With A Temecula Wedding Photographer 

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Planning a wedding can be a headache…or at least it was for me and my wife Corissa when we were going through the wedding planning process. As a man who looks for fast answers, I found myself asking Google what things were important and what I should be focused on when talking with potential vendors. My wife checked out wedding blogs, wedding magazines and most certainly was more detailed in her process. But the end result was basically the same and that was a bride and groom should interview every vendor they are thinking about working with. I 100% agree with that and would additionally suggest checking their reviews to make sure they are positive and websites to be certain things look professional. I mean if someone has a s***y website, which is essentially their storefront, that says a lot.

When I sit down and meet with people whether it be via Skype or an actual human-to-human interaction at a local pub, people often have are a series of popular questions they grabbed somewhere online. Some of the questions are solid and great things a bride or groom should be asking their potential wedding photographer. Other questions are completely stupid and force me to drink. But questions, even ridiculously dumb ones, require answers and I am all about trying to make life easier for anyone going through that wedding planning process. So below I created a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) I have received over the years and my responses to those questions in the hope they might potentially make your life easier. So buckle your seat belt because I am about to take you on a journey through the exciting world of wedding photography….lol

1. Are You The Photographer That Will Be Shooting My Wedding?

F*** Yeah! Maybe I might have a second shooter or assistant on the day of but there will be no bait-and-switch moves. I will be the one at your engagement session and the dude kicking ass on your wedding day.


2. Do You Have Any Online Reviews?

Absolutely! And I encourage you to not only look at all my YELP or Wedding Wire reviews but the reviews for all potential vendors you may be considering. I have honestly been blessed to work with so many awesome people throughout my journey as a photographer. The people I have photographed were not just names on a calendar but rather people I truly connected with. They appreciated my style and approach to photography and have been kind enough to take time out of their busy lives to write awesome stuff about me. I love it. I also love all of the people I have worked with and many have become lifelong friends of mine. This is why I push myself to be a better storyteller and try to make my “next” wedding the best one yet.

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3. How Would You Describe Your Style?

Like that of a white Bengal tiger attacking a magician on stage. Lol. I don’t know. Maybe I would describe my style as energetic, fun, and authentic? I really think the photos speak for themselves so I let them do the talking for me. The best thing is to check out my wedding blog. I post all the time and blog every wedding I photograph so you aren’t seeing a portfolio of my best-of-the-best over career but rather my most recent work. If you see the photos and think they are rad then shoot me an email. If you think they are lame go seek out a photographer that fits your style. They are out there and will do a terrific job for you. I may cut my arms a little and drown myself in cheap whiskey but my feelings will bounce back just like they did after The Office ended. Photography is like music in that there are tons of different styles. Some people like rap, some like country. I like punk rock and metal. There is no right answer only preference. So go find your jam and the photographer whose work speaks to you. It’s your wedding and you deserve the “best”…in your eyes.

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4. What Is Your Drink Of Choice?

Okay so you don’t see this one on many wedding blogs but it has been asked once before so I am adding it. I am a big fan of IPAs but man I am getting tired of being hungover from those SOB’s so lately I have been rocking the 12-year Macallan Scotch. Scotch makes me feel like George Clooney when I am drinking it which is perfect because everyone should feel like a sophisticated gentleman from time to time. I’m 30-years old now so I stay away from a lot of beers and cocktails now…unless of course, you’re buying then in that case I am drinking anything.

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5. What Made You Get Into Photography?

Music. I know that sounds weird, right? But honestly, my form of artistic expression for the majority of my life had been music. I started with the violin when I was young then transitioned into bass then guitar. I wanted to play in bands because those were the people I thought were cool and those dudes got chicks. Then I got older and the band dream died. I mean if N’Sync couldn’t make it I doubt a punk rock band from Temecula was going to make it. So I found myself searching for other avenues to express myself creatively. I used to draw a lot as a kid and took art classes in college but that didn’t take me because I also am a social person and love meeting new people. So I started snapping photos. Then started second shooting weddings. I hit up some of the best wedding photographers in the industry and asked them if I could simply shadow them and would do so for free. It was awesome. I saw some of the best people in the industry do their thing and realized it was not far-fetched for me to do the same. So I began shooting. Every day. All the time. I got better and better and better. And now I continue to push myself daily to be better because photography for me is so much more than a job. It is now my primary form of creative expression and I am all about pushing myself to be the best artist I can be.

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6. Can I Give You A List Of Shots I Want?

The only list I work off of on a wedding day is a family photo list to help speed up that sometimes chaotic process. Weddings have a flow to them and when you are an outsider you can see everything from a different perspective. If I am starring at a photo list trying to capture fake moments I am going to miss real moments. People appreciate my photography because it is NOT a Pinterest board of cliche ideas that have been done and overdone. If you want a beach engagement session with your name and wedding date written in the sand I am not the photographer for you. Sure I will take a photo at any point in time of whatever you want if you ask or if a special family member from out of town is flying in and you want to make sure I snap up some photos of them simply let me know and I will take care of it. You are original and deserve original photos. Photos that represent you and your life. Photos that your friends and family will see and say “That is f***ing awesome!” You found me because you are fun and have style. Photography matters to you and it matters to me. You just focus on dancing and drinking champagne and I will focus on capturing kick-ass photos.

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7. How Long Have You Been In Business?

I have been shooting weddings now for about 7  years and only take a small number of weddings (25ish) per year so I can maximize my time with my wife Corissa, daughter Vienna, son Reid and two dogs Sinatra & Lucy as well as focus on personal art whether it be music or photography. This question is often followed up with the number of weddings I have photographed so with that math I have photographed 100+ weddings so far.

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8. How Many Wedding Photos Will I Receive?

Now this is a great question! It is impossible to give an exact number of wedding images you will receive because every wedding is so different but the rule of thumb I work with is about 75  images per hour I shoot. That means an 8-hour wedding will result in something around 600 wedding photos for your viewing pleasure. Considering it only take about 200 photos to create a wedding album you should have more than enough photos!

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9. How Long Will It Be Before I Receive My Wedding Photos?

Honestly, I am probably just as excited to see your wedding photos as you are so I get cracking on things ASAP. However, work can pile up and images need to be sorted through, backed up, light edited, tossed in photo-shop, and all that good stuff. With that said the standard turnaround time is 5-6 weeks. But if you stalk me on Instagram or friend me on Facebook I will have some sneak preview of a handful of images up within a week. I also tend to blog some of my favorites from the day within about 3 weeks. So I am extending to you an open invitation to stalk me.

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10. What Type Of Equipment Do You Use?

Now, this is a good question but only if you are a photography hobbyist and want to get to know the inner workings of my methods. Think about it like this, if you see an awesome piece of art hanging on someone’s wall would you ask what type of brushes the artist used? No, because that would be weird and it also suggests a tool, not the artist was the reason for the beauty. The end product is all that matters. The camera doesn’t make the man, the man makes the camera. However, for the photography loving brides and grooms out there, I shoot with two Canon R6s at all times that are locked on me with a hold-fast gear strap, use an assortment of lenses (24mm 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 100mm, 70-200mm, 16-35mm, 45mm TS) and a few off-camera exposure lights. So I got kick-ass gear and backup gear as well as insurance. I have your back homie.

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11. Can I Have Raw Photos?

One portion of the artistry of wedding photography is capturing the authentic moments as they naturally occur, but another part is post-processing. Editing allows me to adjust the temperature, shadows, blacks, whites, contrast, highlights as well as make photoshop adjustments such as removing certain distractors, cleaning the skin, whitening teeth, etc. The final product is the art. Therefore, RAW IMAGES ARE NOT PROVIDED. Each and every photo I capture is essentially my business card and it is important each photo is something I believe can stand on its own. During the culling process, all “bad” images (out-of-focus, poorly composed, objectively bad, etc) are instantly deleted from the gallery, and all remaining raw photos are then edited first by my professional editor and then again by myself in both Lightroom and Photoshop.

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Now don’t think that looking over these Frequently Asked Questions is in some way a substitute for actually meeting. Don’t be scared. I shower and am properly groomed. You need to meet all your potential vendors and that includes me. If you have made it through all these FAQs and checked out some of my wedding blog posts then you probably already know a lot about me. But I want to know about you. I want to hear about what you enjoy, what your drink of choice is, and what your vision is for the wedding day. I have two dogs that bark non-stop so trust me I could use a little time out of the home office or we can Skype and I will grab a small cooler for my office and we cheers via our webcams or FaceTime. Technology is great, isn’t it?