Favorite Photographs Of 2013

Best of 2013

Best Temecula Wedding Photos

Every year is different and special in its own way but 2013 was especially kind to me. This year I was lucky enough to continue expanding my Temecula wedding photography business, connect with numerous amazing couples and most importantly learn that in 2014 I will be a first time father! It has been a great year! Jessica, you were one of the classiest brides I have ever seen. Sarah, I’m glad I’m not the only one making wishes at 11:11. Kelsey and Brad, your wedding was the emphasis of young, limitless love. Kristy and Joey, as Tom Petty said, you have heart(s) so big that they could crush this town. Kaitlin, sweating in the Palm Springs desert was worth every second because we captured some gorgeous moments. Kayla and Anthoni, what else can I say other than you two are just awesome. Mitch and Alexis, not only was it a blast photographing you two for 8 hours but also hanging out with you guys and drinking beers for hours more afterward! I could literally go on and on talking about the wonderful people I was lucky enough to photograph who I now call my friends, but I believe my photographs will tell the story better. Let me extend a heartfelt thank you to all the brides and grooms who allowed me the opportunity to document their wedding day. You allow me to feed my creative side and without you their would be a giant hole in my life. Also, I would like to thank family, friends and everyone who has inspired me, looked at my photographs or encouraged me. You are all awesome and appreciated. So I’m going to pour a glass of Scotch and cheers to 2013! You were an incredible year 2013 but here is to an even better year in 2014!


There were so many amazing moments I was able to capture this year that I seriously could have spent days adding to this blog post, therefore all I can be at this moment is grateful. So once again THANK YOU to everyone who was brave enough to step in front of my camera in 2013 and those who received any enjoyment from my art.