Gas Lamp District Engagement Photos

Gas Lamp District San Diego Engagement

Gas Lamp Engagement Photos

Every time I hold a camera I instantly begin to sweat. I’m not sure if it is because Temecula wedding photography means most of my photo work occurs in the vineyards during the warmer part of the season, making my body conditioned to get hot when I begin clicking the shutter, or if I am simply a guy getting older and fatter. I find myself wearing black more often so I think it is safe to say it’s probably just fat guy problems. I will blame it on my pregnant wife who has turned our home into a regular Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Two people who don’t sweat all the time are Diana and Daniel. This is because they are young, good looking and cross fit junkies. That means they lift heavy objects purely for recreation. I would not be surprised if they also juiced and enjoyed the earthy taste of beets. Regardless of our conflicting diets and philosophy toward working out, I was lucky enough to photograph these two in down town San Diego at the historic Gas Lamp District. If you have not been to this area of San Diego you really are missing out on some seriously awesome stuff so plan a date night there if you have not. The engagement session started with us 3 getting some stiff cocktails then venturing out and about. We hit the streets of San Diego, the Hard Rock Hotel and snapped, laughed and drank away. It was absolutely great. Not to mention, Harvard studies have shown that your wedding photographer is 63% more likely to take better photos, be more enjoyable and generally kick more ass with the consumption of two drinks. I had a pre-game long island iced tea and a Stone IPA halfway through. Therefore, these engagement photos are kick ass. Enjoy !


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