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Gay Wedding Videography

One of the questions many couples planning a wedding have is whether or not they should hire a gay wedding videographer to document their wedding day. The answer is simple: HECK YEAH! Honestly, there is no better way to relive the magic of a wedding day than through the medium of cinematic, artistic film-making. Don’t get us wrong we absolutely love wedding photography and think that photo coverage is a must, but there are simply moments on a wedding day that photo does not accurately record. Heartfelt speeches by friends & family, kick ass dance moves, and deeply romantic wedding vows have so much more feeling when they are documented on video vs photo. Unfortunately, there are news stories of assholes in the wedding industry who won’t video same sex couples for religious reasons, but we say that just leaves more awesome couples for our film makers to document! So check out some of the gay wedding videography for the madly in love by viewing some of our same sex wedding films. Our goal is to document the most romantic gay weddings in the world so if that sounds like you then we would love to hear from you!

Still have questions about hiring a gay wedding videographer for your upcoming elopement or wedding? Send us a message because we would love to discuss wedding videography packages, and how our filmmakers can document your same sex wedding in a way that is both truly romantic and authentic!


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    Gay Wedding Videographer

    How Much Does A Gay Wedding Video Cost

    Gay or straight, we don’t discriminate. Our only goal is to create the most beautiful films for our awesome couples. Wedding videographer packages can range anywhere from $2,700 to $7,700, depending on the type of film/video coverage they need for their intimate or large wedding. The more affordable wedding films will have gay couples investing $2,700 for a 2-3 minute short video, around 6 hours of coverage, and one wedding videographer. For couples who want the absolute best (we call this the Beyonce packages), gay wedding videography investment will be approximately $7,700 and include a full movie edit, multiple videographers, unlimited wedding day coverage, after wedding shoot, and the entire wedding video will be shot on a kick ass RED digital camera for the ultimate cinematic experience!

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    Top 5 LGBT Friendly Destination Wedding Locations

    Before investing in a gay wedding videographer package first couples need to plan where they are getting married. One of the most challenging decisions gay couples can make is choosing where to elope or get married. Thankfully, there are now many affordable destination wedding packages all inclusive LGBT couples all over the United States! So for gay couples who are trying to figure out if they want to elope on a beach with their toes in the warm sand, or get married at a posh hotel where they can dance the night away with friends while Whitney Houston plays at full blast, here are the top 5 LGBT friendly destination wedding locations that are perfect for gay couples!

    1. Palm Springs, California: Seriously this place has everything! Perfect for desert elopements, while also having some of the most artistic, posh hotels for small and large weddings. With amazing food, art and sunshine nearly 365 days a year there is not a better location for a gay wedding than Palm Springs!
    2. O’ahu, Hawaii: O’ahu (especially around Waikiki) and even nearby Maui are gorgeous, gay-friendly locations for a couple looking for that tropical destination wedding vibe. So if hiking, having cocktails by the pool, and enjoying the day in a beachside hammock sounds like your style then O’ahu is definitely one of the best places for gay destination weddings!
    3. San Francisco, California: What location better epitomizes gay culture and style than San Francisco? From some of the best vegan restaurants in the world to amazing nightlife, there is no shortage of things-to-do in San Francisco. Not to mention, one of the best places for gay couples to elope is the iconic San Francisco City Hall, which is truly one of the most beautiful locations in the entire city.
    4. New York City, New York: The concrete jungle where dreams are made of is perfect for the gay couple seeking a modern, luxurious wedding or elopement. Is it expensive to get married in New York? Oh hell yeah it is, but Central Park, Lincoln Center, and all of the amazing things-to-do make New York City a fabulous place for gay couples to get hitched!
    5. Vancouver, BC, Canada: For gay couples who want to leave the states for their destination wedding one of the most gay-friendly cities with amazing sites is Vancouver, British Columbia. For adventurous gay couples who love the outdoors, Vancouver has mountain views, seaside activities, and vibrant city life.

    The above top 5 LGBT friendly destination wedding locations all offer a truly unique experience for couples, but regardless of where a bride/bride or groom/groom choose to get married, it is important that those moments and gorgeous backdrops are documented. This is why finding a gay wedding videographer who can capture the day in an artistic, cinematic fashion, regardless of where a couple gets married is important!

    Gay Wedding YouTube


    One of the coolest parts about investing in a gay wedding videographer to document an epic destination wedding or elopement is once they finish putting the wedding film together couples can share the video on YouTube! This is really amazing for gay couples eloping or having small destination weddings because gay wedding videos Youtube can easily be shared for friends, family, and other loved ones to view. This allows them to experience the adventure and joy even if they can’t attend (or were not invested for obvious reasons!). Not to mention, the gay wedding YouTube video can also be shared on social media to make friends extremely jealous of any couple’s epic destination wedding in San Francisco, Palm Springs or an international location! Because let’s be honest, the only thing better than having a fabulous wedding is sharing the gay wedding video on YouTube to make both friends and frenemies envious of all your shine!