Engagement Session In Los Angeles, CA

Jessica and Jay have known each other since high school and have been dating for what their families would call “forever”. Now before everybody starts jumping on Jay and giving him a hard time for his choice to take the dating long road to marriage it is important to recognize that this is a man who is now finishing up medical school and about to be a doctor. That means lots of studying, hard work and a schedule that is packed tighter than a mini-fridge full of booze in Lindsey Lohan’s hotel room. Sure he could have purchased a degree online, but do you really want that guy operating on you in a life or death situation? Jay didn’t think so either.

After discussing different places in Orange County and Los Angeles to be the setting for the engagement session, Jessica and Jay decided upon the park area on the way up the hill to the Griffith Park Observatory. For those who have never been up to the Griffith Park Observatory, it truly is one of the gems of Los Angeles. The location has gorgeous views, wildlife and is simply a great place to escape the grind of Los Angeles. So make a plan to take your significant other up there when you get an opportunity, and if you do not have a significant other than take your dog. If you have neither a significant other or dog than take yourself for a hike. Although the engagement session was an absolute blast, we did have one draw back on the day of the shoot and that was no sunshine. Gray clouds covered the skies and hid the sunshine from us, but we did not let that get in the way of all of us having a good time!

This Temecula wedding photographer decided to switch things up a bit for this engagement session and use more film style actions during post-processing. I have to admit that some of the black and white filters came out pretty rad after some tweaking with the Visual Supply Company tool kit. Okay, I will stop blabbing now and let you check out the photos from Jay and Jessica’s engagement session! Bon Appetite!


As a person who loves being involved with pretty much anything creative, I was both impressed and excited when Jessica showed up with a variety of items that included a old typewriter (this thing had to have weighed 50lbs), some books, a quilt, a banner and a cake platter. Jessica had a bunch of awesome ideas to incorporate the items into the engagement shoot that all came out great! Her creativity was amazing, and even though we ran into a couple hurdles I am glad she stuck out many of the concepts she had came up with because they really helped bring her personality into the shoot!

griffithparkengagementphotos4griffithparkengagementphotos5I would like to extend a special shout out to Jessica’s sister for hanging out and helping us during the engagement session! She was great throughout the process, especially when she took the car and drove around in circles in the parking lot because there were no spaces available, allowing us time to walk up to Griffith Observatory and shoot the Los Angeles skyline.

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