Hard Rock Hotel San Diego Wedding Photos

Hard Rock Hotel San Diego Wedding

Hard Rock Hotel SD Wedding

Rooftop Wedding Venue San Diego

I really think more people should embrace the concept that a wedding is simply a giant awesome party where everyone is forced to dress up nicely. I mean if a bride and groom are going to invest thousands of dollars in music, food, flowers, champagne and hopefully an open bar, then they should certainly have one heck of a good time. Quinesha and Dujuan were two people who completely bought into the wedding is a party concept. These two had their wedding ceremony at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego located in the Gas Lamp district then took the party to Luce Loft a few blocks away. With the champagne flowing, dance floor shaking and music absolutely pumping, Luce Loft became witness to the type of party that was so rad that most guests probably can’t even remember it due to all the tequila consumption. Thankfully, Dujuan and Quinesha hired this Temecula Wedding Photographer to document the day so those wild times would be forever saved. Here is a sneak peek of the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego wedding and Luce Loft reception. Get at it!

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Hard Rock Hotel Wedding Photos

I would like to extend a special thanks to Alicia from Alicia Q. Photography for second shooting this San Diego wedding with me! Alicia, you did a fantastic job, provided great company and this wedding blog post would be a little empty without your contributions!

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