Homestead Wilshire Oak Glen Wedding Photos

Homestead Oak Glen Wedding
Homestead Oak Glen Wedding

Lindsey and John met at the Cheesecake Factory where they were both servers. Lindsey had just gotten out of a long-term relationship so obviously, she had friend-zoned John. But a year and a half later, Lindsey made a move and BAM! “BAM” means they had an amazing time together filled with many adventures and cold beers that eventually resulted in a wedding proposal, wedding planning, finding a wedding photographer (hi that is me!) and getting hitched at the Homstead Wilshire in Oak Glen, California! When I first met Lindsey and John it was pretty easy to see that these were two very likable and engaging people, but more importantly totally genuine. Top-shelf people is how I would best describe them! That is probably why they had 10 bridesmaids and 10 groomsmen for their wedding party! The wedding at the Homestead in Oak Glen was seriously terrific, full of details, laughs, tears, cold cocktails and dance moves that should probably not be shared in public. But that is what a wedding is supposed to be all about so enjoy a few photographs from Lindsey and John’s wedding at the Homestead featured below!

One of my favorite parts of John and Lindsey’s wedding at Homestead at Wilshire was when John pushed his brother’s wheel chair onto the dance floor and began dancing with him. The smile on his face was electric. Such a rad moment!

Thank you to John and Lindsey for allowing me to document your wedding at Homestead in Oak Glen! I had a blast hanging out with you, your family and friends! I wish you both the absolute best! I truly hope you enjoy your Homestead Wilshire Oak Glen wedding photos, and many, many more awesome times together!

Homestead Wilshire Wedding Venue

Lindsey and John’s wedding was the first time I had ever photographed a wedding at Homestead At Wilshire in Oak Glen, and I must say the wedding venue was amazing. Don, the wedding venue owner, is really passionate about the Homestead, and that is obvious to any visitor when they see all the details he’s created. I mean everything from the ceremony site, cocktail hour area, and wedding reception section looks fantastic. Don is a retired construction manager so he is always working on new projects for Homestead Wilshire to take the wedding venue to the next level. In fact, one of the first comments he made to this Temecula wedding photographer was if I had any ideas to improve the Homestead. The only thing I mentioned was he should consider redesigning his website because it does not do the wedding venue justice. I mean the huge tree over the wedding ceremony site and the gorgeous mountains in the backdrop are amazing and should totally be the emphasis of the marketing for the Oak Glen wedding venue. But honestly, the best thing for any potential bride and groom who are considering Homestead at Wilshire as their wedding venue to do is to go see to Oak Glen and check the place out. It is totally worth the drive!

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