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Dreamy Idyllwild Mountain Wedding

Eloping In Idyllwild

Not everyone who wants to get married in the mountains necessarily wants to have a frigid, snow-filled, winter mountain wedding with 150 guests and a wedding party with 24 people. Some brides and grooms simply want some cooler weather, to be surrounded by nature, enjoy some crisp refreshing mountain air, and focus solely on the love of their life when they decide to say, “I Do”. That is exactly what Ashley and Robb imagined when they planned an elopement in the scenic mountain town of Idyllwild, California. Simplicity, trees, fresh mountain air, and a little champagne was everything this amazing couple from Venice wanted for their mountain elopement, and Idyllwild absolutely delivered!

Ashley and Robb’s Idyllwild elopement had a super relaxed vibe that made the entire day feel so authentic. The couple got ready in an Airbnb cabin they rented, said their emotion-filled vows on the porch, got married, sipped on some champagne, and then spent a little over an hour after the wedding ceremony taking photos with me around the Idyllwild property. Everything about the day was lovely, other than the inappropriate jokes I made during the portrait session in an attempt to get Robb and Ashley to give me those natural smiles. Minister Carla of “My Dream Ceremony” absolutely crushed the officiating duties, Robb & Ashley were both amazing, the wedding guests (Robb & Ashley’s two dogs) did not run off to chase any of the many native squirrels and the entire day in Idyllwild was one to remember. Below are a handful of the photos from Robb and Ashley’s elopement in Idyllwild, California! Cheers!

Eloping In Idyllwild Eloping In Idyllwild

Idyllwild Weddings

Wedding planning can be a challenge for even the most patient, calm, and well-organized brides. The reality is that those modern wedding magazines fail to mention how stressful a wedding day can actually be if it is not planned efficiently. Some don’t even offer any wedding inspiration for a real wedding day, as they often only publish stylized shoots. If you are thinking a traditional (expensive) ceremony is not your vibe, and want to plan a destination wedding in an organic environment where you can say your wedding vows surrounded by nature then consider a wedding in Idyllwild, California!

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should have an Idyllwild woods elopement:

  1. Elopement planning is far easier, affordable, and better than having a large traditional wedding!
  2. The cool air and lush vegetation of Idyllwild will allow any elopement photographer to give you killer photos.
  3. You won’t have to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a wedding venue
  4. Your wedding will feel more relaxed and intimate when you opt for an Idyllwild woods elopement.
  5. Idyllwild cabins can offer cozy photo opportunities for your real wedding.

Eloping In Idyllwild Eloping In Idyllwild Eloping In Idyllwild Eloping In Idyllwild Eloping In Idyllwild Eloping In Idyllwild Eloping In Idyllwild Eloping In Idyllwild Eloping In Idyllwild Eloping In Idyllwild

Mountain Elopement in Idyllwild

Thank you to Ashley and Robb for allowing me to photograph this intimate elopement in the beautiful mountain town of Idyllwild, California! Idyllwild weddings have such refreshing energy, and you two really were the best! And I truly would have had a beer with you guys in post-wedding celebration but one room temperature Shock Top sounded and still sounds disgusting. I am totally not trying to be a diva with my booze but even I can not walk that path on a Tuesday. However, this destination wedding photographer still greatly appreciates your generosity and kindness with the offer. You guys rock!

Couples who are considering a break from tradition and eloping should also check out these photos of Harrison and Francesca’s elopement in Joshua Tree, California. That was another rad and intimate wedding ceremony with a gorgeous backdrop! Cheers!