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Artists Who Inspire This Temecula Wedding Photographer

As an artist, I am always looking for inspiration and beauty in unique and uncommon places. The greatest thing about art is it can bend, shape and manifest itself in so many unique and different forms. Art isn’t always some painting from the Renaissance era, sonata drafted by an Austrian composer or Greek sculpture of a nude muscular man with a small penis, and that is what makes it so profound and touching (art not the small penis carved from marble). Art, beauty and inspiration can be abstract, simple, complex, dark, humorous or anything a person can possibly dream or imagine. When it comes to art all that matters is the impression it leaves on the viewer and how it makes them feel. How it touches the soul of the individual.

Ever since I traded in my 9-5 job to peruse a career as a Temecula wedding photographer I began spending more of my time actively seeking inspiration and beauty. The first places I looked for this inspiration came from the photographic art of my professional peers. Wedding blogs were my beginning source of  inspiration when I became a full-time wedding photographer and were instrumental in my early development as an artist. When I opened my eyes to the photography captured by others I first looked only with a technical eye. Composition, focus, rule of thirds and horizon lines would be what I focused on. However, as time progressed and my eye developed I was able to see such an immense level of creativity in the way some wedding photographers would use negative space, blur, shadows, reflection and asymmetry. How these photographers would intentionally break the rules of composition to create something truly different was amazing.This was profound because it showed me that their were so many ways a photographer could tell a story and the power one can have with a camera.

There are so many inspiring and beautiful things around us every single day, but many of us are so focused on other things that we miss them. We miss an opportunity to see, hear or feel something special. I continue to actively search for and enjoy the things in life that can inspire and believe that everyone should. This post is my way of saying thank you to the wedding photography blogs that helped open my eyes early in my development as an artist. These are photographs from some of my favorite wedding photographers from around the world, people who push me to improve myself as a storyteller.

Jonas Peterson

Photo Credit: Jonas Peterson


Photo Credit: Sloan Photographers


Photo Credit: Sean Flanigan


Photo Credit: Our Labor of Love


Photo Credit: EP Love


Photo Credit : Fer Juaristi


Photo Credit: Parsons Photography

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