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Jeffrey Open Space Trail EngagementPhotos

Irvine is easily my favorite city in Orange County. Okay, that last sentence was totally fake news because anyone who has ever been to Orange County knows Irvine probably doesn’t even crack the top 10. In fact, some people might say Irvine sucks balls. However, the old saying of, “It is not where you are, but who you are there with” certainly made Irvine a little less meh. That was because when I went up to Jeffrey Open Space Trail (Irvine’s great outdoors) I was meeting Nicole and Derek for their engagement session! And since I’ve been zig-zagging a little about what this blog post is about to let me quickly clear that up Nicole and Derek’s engagement session in Irvine at Jeffrey Open Space Trail!

Full disclosure: when Nicole reached out to me about her wedding at Lake Oak Meadows she mentioned that she had already booked a Temecula wedding photographer. The only issue was after an engagement session with that photographer she felt that the photos didn’t reflect the style and vibe she was looking for. Since you only get one crack at getting kick ass wedding photos, Nicole decided to search for a new photographer whose style was more aligned with her vision. This is where I enter the story.

So I’m swimming with great white sharks in the Pacific Ocean when I pull my iPhone out of my wetsuit to see an email from Nicole inquiring about photos services for her Lake Oak Meadows wedding. I then wipe the moisture off my iPhone on my tan six-pack abs before replying, but before I do I realize there could be a 50% chance Nicole is a Bridezilla. What I mean is we are in a coin toss situation where I could potentially be working with a crazy person. Therefore, after some email exchanges, I asked if I could see a couple of the Temecula engagement photos captured by the previous photographer. From my perspective if those photos were kick ass then I would know right away a Bridezilla found me and I better run like the wind! Thankfully, the photos (although not atrocious) did have a very posed and unnatural feel to them. I knew Nicole wasn’t crazy, and therefore Derek wasn’t crazy because crazy attracts crazy and we worked it all out to rock their engagement session at Jeffrey Open Space Trail in Irvine. Those are the photos below.

Jeffrey Open Space Trail Photos Jeffrey Open Space Trail Photos

Jeffrey Open Space Trail Photography

Moral Of The Story: trust your bridal instincts. If you’re a bride and aren’t totally happy with a vendor maybe consider making a change. You only get one wedding so surround yourself with an awesome team of people who will help you create your vision! And if you’re a wedding photographer remember that there are plenty of brides out there. Some will love your style and some won’t. It’s not a big deal and there is nothing personal about it. Remember if you’re not connecting with a bride or just don’t feel you two are a good fit for each other there is nothing wrong with going in different directions. You are hiring the bride just as much as she is hiring you. Make sure you are a good match for each other!

Jeffrey Open Space Trail Photos Jeffrey Open Space Trail Photos Jeffrey Open Space Trail Photos

Jeffrey Open Space Trail Permit

Orange County photography is synonymous with permits, which is just total bullshit. Personally, I try to avoid shooting in Orange County engagement photo locations that require a permit because 1) I think the idea of paying a fee to take pictures anywhere is absurd, and 2) couples planning a wedding are already cash-strapped. Jeffrey Open Space Trail did not require a permit when I shot Derek and Nicole’s engagement photos, but it would not surprise me if that changed. If you want to be a good law-abiding citizen, I would encourage you to contact the city of Irvine in regard to permits for engagement photography or visit them online by clicking here.

Jeffrey Open Space Trail Photos Jeffrey Open Space Trail Photos

Nicole and Derek, you guys rock! You totally were natural in front of the camera, and I already know the wedding at Lake Oak Meadows will be awesome!

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