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Helpful Tips For Your Destination Wedding In Joshua Tree National Park

Elopement Photos In Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree is easily one of my favorite places on the entire f***ing planet so if you haven’t been to the national park before I highly encourage you to put that on your bucket list. Like seriously, go do that today. Every time I visit Joshua Tree National Park for some personal R&R or for a photoshoot I can feel the magic go through me like a strong glass of Scotch. It’s a deep burn that makes me feel alive. The desert is absolutely amazing and something I truly appreciate as I have gotten older, wiser, and damn sexier. That is why I was beyond stoked when Francesca contacted me about photographing her and Harrison’s Joshua Tree elopement!

Francesca and Harrison are from New England and planned on having a big wedding reception back in Massachusetts with all their friends and family, but first, they wanted a wedding ceremony that was intimate, simple, and surrounded by nature. They came to Joshua Tree at a perfect time as well because Southern California had some really good rain in the Spring so this was easily the greenest I had personally ever seen Joshua Tree. The couple had a friend and local Joshua Tree resident as their only guest/official witness, and the Vow Keeper was the wedding officiant for the wedding ceremony. She totally kicks ass so I 100% recommend her to anyone considering eloping or getting married in Joshua Tree. Francesca and Harrison spoke vows from the heart, took photos with their French bulldog, and had a top-shelf successful elopement in Joshua Tree. Below are some of the photographs from our day together in the national park.

Side note: the rocks in Joshua Tree are truly magical and if you listen closely you can hear them sing to you. During Francesca and Harrison’s elopement, I heard them sing Eddie Murphy’s, “Party all the time”. Yeah, I thought it was an odd choice as well….

Elopement Photos In Joshua Tree

How Do You Elope In Joshua Tree?

Wedding And Elopement Locations

There are so many beautiful rock formations and stunning desert landscape in the Mojave desert that make the perfect backdrop for anyone wanting to elope in Joshua Tree. Really the best thing anyone planning a destination wedding or adventurous elopement can do is visit Joshua Tree and simply take in the beauty of the National Park. Hiring a California elopement photographer familiar with Joshua Tree weddings can be invaluable planning resources, but if you don’t have the budget for that or are rocking a DIY desert elopement then check out the following popular elopement locations:

7 Best Spots For Elopement Ceremonies In Joshua Tree

  1. Cap Rock
  2. Split Rock
  3. Rattlesnake Picnic
  4. Quail Springs Picnic Area
  5. Skull Rock
  6. Hidden Valley Picnic Area
  7. Anywhere That Feels Magical For Yor Ceremony Location

Elopement Photos In Joshua Tree Elopement Photos In Joshua Tree

National Park Elopements

Why spend $50,000 on your wedding day when you can plan an elopement at Joshua Tree? Intimate weddings are far more affordable, relaxing, and personal, and isn’t that what you want for your adventurous wedding? The only thing you and your partner need to figure out is the right time to visit the National Park, as temperatures can fluctuate like crazy for an elopement at Joshua Tree. For example, if you plan an elopement between November-March the temperatures can be in the 50s, and that does not even factor the wind which always makes it about 10-20 degrees cooler. And in the Summertime, the elopement experience can be sweat- ass, chapped lip hot, as temperatures will routinely hit triple digits!

Elopement Photos In Joshua Tree Elopement Photos In Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree Elopement Packages

How Much Is A Joshua Tree Elopement Photographer Cost?

Elopement photography investment will vary depending on the amount of coverage you need for your destination wedding. Honestly, most brides and grooms only need 1-2 hours of elopement coverage from their wedding photographers (3 hours max). Here is a breakdown of what you can expect to pay when hiring a Joshua Tree wedding photographer:

  1. One Hour Of Elopement Photography $675
  2. Two Hours Of Elopement Photography $1250
  3. Three Hours Of Elopement Photography $1800

Please note that wedding or elopement packages do not include permits or fees (marriage license or special use permit). For more information on all the paperwork required to elope in Joshua Tree please speak with your wedding planner or officiant. Here are some of my personal favorite wedding officiants who service Joshua Tree:

  • Married By Marie
  • The Vow Keeper
  • Joyful Weddings & Events

For more information on planning a wedding or elopement in the National Park please check out this detailed Joshua Tree elopement guide.

Elopement Photos In Joshua Tree Elopement Photos In Joshua Tree Elopement Photos In Joshua Tree Elopement Photos In Joshua Tree Elopement Photos In Joshua Tree Elopement Photos In Joshua Tree

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