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Leoness Winery Wedding

Let me start by saying that the wedding photos in this article are easily 10 years old when Ryan and Sarah got married at Leoness in a private outdoor space overlooking the Temecula vines. And why do I tell you this? Because even though this old work no longer matches my photography esthetic, hopefully it can still give you some wedding ideas if you are planning to get married at this highly-rated California wedding venue. Again, please don’t judge me on old wedding photography, but please do experience this awesome venue in Temecula, CA if you are searching for a relaxing winery wedding experience!

Wedding Photographers in Temecula Leoness Winery Wedding Wedding Photographers in Temecula Leoness Winery Wedding

Temecula Weddings At Leoness Cellars

Featuring a French countryside style view and some of the best wine tasting in Temecula Valley wine country, Leoness Cellars is the perfect setting if you are a bride or groom seeking an elegant, outdoor vineyard wedding. The vineyard estate offers a stunning ceremony site overlooking the majestic vines, allowing any wedding photographer to capture stunning photos in golden hour light. I assume that is why you chose Temecula wince country for your venue right!? Also, try and sneak off to the ivy wall, which is one of my personal favorite spots for wedding photos and a location that none of the other popular venues in Temecula offer.

If you are planning a vineyard wedding in wine country also consider taking a tour of these romantic venues:

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  • Oak Mountain Winery
  • Fazeli Cellars Winery
  • Danza Del Sol Winery
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Want to schedule a venue tour? I would certainly encourage you to do so if you want a romantic and spectacular setting for your wedding! If so, reach out to the wedding and event professionals at Leoness Winery here: https://www.leonesscellars.com/weddings/

Leoness Winery Wedding Leoness Winery Wedding Wedding Photographers in Temecula Leoness Winery Wedding Wedding Photographers in Temecula Leoness Winery Wedding Leoness Winery Wedding Leoness Winery Wedding Leoness Winery Wedding

The Leoness Bride & Groom

When I first met the bride and groom, Sarah, somewhat reserved, mentioned repeatedly her aversion to dancing throughout our chat. That’s perfectly alright. I, too, occasionally prefer to abstain from dancing, opting instead to relax by the dance floor and savor fresh cocktails. Besides, observing others dance reduces the risk of a sprained ankle. Both options appeal to me, and I support them wholeheartedly. Conversations with Ryan, however, took a different turn. We went into discussions about drug use, gangs, and gun violence—quite intriguing topics, albeit unconventional for a first meeting. For context, Ryan works in law enforcement, and he also shares Sarah’s disinterest in dancing, so we swiftly moved on from that topic. Now, let’s refocus on Sarah and Ryan’s nuptials at Leoness Winery in Temecula, California.

Ryan and Sarah aimed for simplicity in their wedding festivities, forgoing traditional elements like the first dance and bouquet toss. They envisioned a day centered on joy, good food, and drinks. Having captured over a hundred weddings in recent years, I’ve come to cherish simplicity. A jam-packed wedding schedule can strip away the day’s authenticity and fun, adding undue stress for the couple. Picture the whirlwind of activities post-ceremony: myriad photo sessions, dances, toasts, games, and more. These can overshadow genuine moments. While I’m not advocating for the elimination of post-ceremony events, moderation is key to maintaining the day’s natural rhythm. However, you probably didn’t visit this blog for wedding planning advice. Instead, you want to see their wine country wedding so I will stop typing now.

Leoness Winery Wedding Wedding Photographers in Temecula Leoness Winery Wedding Wedding Photographers in Temecula Wedding Photographers in Temecula Wedding Photographers in Temecula

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Leoness Cellars A Large Venue For Weddings?

Yes, Leoness Cellars offers ample space for weddings. It accommodates up to 250 guests, whether your event is indoor or outdoor. This includes ceremonies, cocktail hours, and receptions. The Barrel Room, among the largest in wine country, hosts receptions grandly. Thus, large wedding parties find comfort here. Smaller gatherings also fit well during any season.

Does The Venue Offer Scenic Views For Wedding Photography?

Yes, the venue boasts picturesque scenery perfect for capturing your special moments. Rolling vineyards and ivy walls surround the property. You’ll find mountains in the distance creating an unforgettable backdrop. It’s a romantic and spectacular setting for your wedding photos. This ensures every picture becomes a memorable piece of your big day.

Are Wedding Coordination Services Included in the Venue Rental at Leoness Cellars?

Yes, a Leoness Cellars wedding coordinator is part of the venue rental package. This professional will assist in making sure your wedding runs smoothly. The package includes two dressing suites and a 30-minute ceremony rehearsal. Details such as garden chairs, linens, and china wear are also covered. Ideally, your event will be well-coordinated, leaving you stress-free. But keep in mind, you can also hire an outside wedding planner if you prefer to work with someone you feel more comfortable with.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Married At Leoness Cellars?

The starting price for hosting a wedding at Leoness Cellars is around $17,000. Venue fees vary, costing $1,500 for weekdays and $3,000 for weekends. These fees are additional to the event rental cost. The package includes essential amenities and services to ease your planning process. It is vital to budget accordingly.

What Kind of Atmosphere Can We Expect For Our Wedding at Leoness Cellars?

Expect an atmosphere filled with intimacy and romance at Leoness Cellars. The venue is in the heart of Temecula’s wine country so it is going to have that peaceful, outdoor wedding energy. Its vineyards and elegant outdoor spaces provide a serene setting. Honestly, this is one of my personal favorite wedding venues if you want beautiful views and delicious wines!