Living Desert Zoo Wedding Photos

Palm Desert, California Wedding At Living Desert Zoo

Living Desert Zoo Wedding Photos

When I photographed Andrew and Amy’s engagement photos in Temecula, California last year I was so stoked just to be around this couple because they had what I would describe as overwhelmingly positive energy. They laughed non-stop, constantly made jokes and were awesome people to not only photograph but simply hang out with. So yeah I was pretty f***ing pumped when their October wedding at the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens in Palm Desert came around last month. And honestly when you are working a 12 hour plus day photographing a wedding it really helps working with awesome people and kick ass wedding venues in order to keep those creative juices flowing. And of course it helps when the drinks are free and party is epic! Amy and Andrew’s wedding at Living Desert Zoo had all those ingredients. Kick ass couple, guests who love to party, wild animals, cold beers and a kick ass band that jammed out some 1980s music until late in the evening. Honestly, Amy and Andrew’s wedding at the Living Desert Zoo was such a fun night and I’m really stoked to share some of the photographs from their wedding. So cheers to Amy, Andrew and 1980s cover bands!

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Andrew and Amy got married at the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens in Palm Desert, California. Wedding coverage was 2 photographers for 12 hours. All the above photos are copyright protected by Palm Springs Wedding Photographer Ryan Horban, a destination photographer based in Southern California.