Manhattan Beach Pier Engagement Photos

Manhattan Beach Engagement Photos

Sean & Abigal’s Manhattan Beach Pier Engagement

Manhattan Beach Pier Engagement Photos

When I first started chatting with Abigail and Sean about their Palm Springs wedding I loved hearing the back story on how they met. This is because Sean and Abigail are from the east coast and were introduced while working together at Raytheon in Boston. Sean ended up relocating with the company to California because the west coast is the best coast, and Abigail relocated about 6 months later to Santa Barbara. That’s when these two bomb-building lovers really started making the romance happen, seeing each other on weekends and meeting halfway on weekdays. They would later get engaged in Joshua Tree and decide on a venue away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, choosing to get married in Palm Springs. But before they get married later this October in Palm Springs we first needed to rock their engagement photos, and last week we did that in Manhattan Beach, California.

This was my first time shooting in Manhattan Beach and I have to say the city had some good energy. People were fashionable, the restaurants all looked good and there were a lot of cool little places for photo backdrops all throughout the beach city. Since I was unfamiliar with the area we sort of wandered around looking for inspiration as we worked our way to the Manhattan Beach pier. Naturally, we made a pit stop halfway through the engagement session to grab a couple IPAs for myself and Sean. Abigail went with the margarita which is always a solid choice on a warm beach day. Below are some of the images from Sean and Abigail’s engagement session in Manhattan Beach. Enjoy!

Manhattan Beach Pier Engagement PhotosManhattan Beach Pier Engagement Photos

Fun Manhattan Beach Pier Engagement Session

Every Los Angeles engagement photo session should feel relaxed and be fun. Crazy right?! This is the reason I try to communicate with each couple before the engagement session to get a feel for how comfortable they are in front of the camera. If they are a little nervous, I encourage some pre-engagement photography drinking. If they are ready to rock the Los Angeles engagement session then I still encourage some pre-photo session booze. The reason is that any time I can shoot an engagement or Southern California wedding I want the couple to be as authentically themselves as possible. Booze really is the perfect antidote for any potentially socially awkward situation.

Manhattan Beach Pier Engagement PhotosManhattan Beach Pier Engagement PhotosManhattan Beach Pier Engagement PhotosManhattan Beach Pier Engagement PhotosManhattan Beach Pier Engagement PhotosManhattan Beach Pier Engagement PhotosManhattan Beach Pier Engagement Photos

All photographs were captured in Manhattan Beach, California by destination wedding photographer Ryan Horban. Those interested in Los Angeles wedding photography or videography information, or anyone who simply wants to chat with a real-life photographer over beers can reach out to me anytime via that little contact tab in the top menu. Later sk8er.