Maternity Photos Murrieta At Burned Down Mill

Murrieta Maternity Session

Unique emecula Materinty Photos

As most of my friends and Temecula wedding photography blog followers are already aware, my wife Corissa is pregnant and we are expecting our first bundle of screaming, pooping, why won’t you ever stay asleep bundle of joy at the end of April. In all seriousness, we both could not be happier and are very much looking forward to this new chapter in our lives. Naturally, my wife wants me to document as much of the story as possible which created some challenges for me because I have NEVER done a maternity photography session in my life! I do not know much about pregnant ladies other than they eat more, sleep a lot and pass flatulence like a frat guy after a full day drinking Budweiser and eating pizza (Just kidding about the last part!). I have seen a lot of other photographers post maternity work and to be honest I am simply not a fan of the heart on the belly or blocks that say “It’s a girl!”. That type of photography is like the bad side of Pinterest so I certainly knew for my first maternity photography session I would not be doing anything like that. Therefore, Corissa and I jumped into the car Dukes of Hazzard style and drove to a burned down mill in Murrieta that is a pretty popular location for couples taking engagement photos. The location has broken glass everywhere, used condoms on the dirt and rusty nails popping out everywhere just itching to give visitors tendonitis. So obviously I thought this would be the perfect place for our maternity photos! THANK YOU to my lovely wife Corissa for being a good sport and looking so darn sexy in these photos!

All photos were captured with my Canon 5D mark iii. For this photo session I only used a 50mm and 45 Tilt Shift lens. All photos were post processed in Lightroom using VSCO actions. Those interested in viewing more maternity work can check out Chad and Tenaya’s Temecula maternity photos!