Mt. Baldy Engagement Photos

Mt. Baldy Engagement Photos – Winter & Summer Session Tips & FAQs

Mt. Baldy Engagement Photos

Okay, so it is super important for me to preface this article by saying the engagement photography featured in this blog post is super old. Like 10+years old! Typically, I would delete content that old, but since so many wedding photographers and couples have found the information helpful I figured I would at least update the info here. And what exactly is this article about? Engagement sessions in Mount Baldy, California. Yes, if you are planning an outdoor engagement shoot and prefer majestic mountains over a beach engagement, then this article is for you. Now, let’s start with some photos so you can (hopefully) get some inspiration for your engagement session at Mt. Baldy!

Helpful Hiking Tip: If you want the most comprehensive hiking information for Mount Baldy, please check out this review by Hiking Guy. Also, check out this YouTube video by Through My Lens!

Mt. Baldy Engagement PhotosMt. Baldy Engagement PhotosMt. Baldy Engagement PhotosMt. Baldy Engagement Photos

Winter Engagement Photos At Mount Baldy

Currently, I live in Temecula but honestly, this place can get so freaking hot in the Summer. Thankfully, I only live a short distance from the beach and even better the mountains. This is especially awesome when that first snowfall hits because honestly, snow is a very rare commodity in So Cal. Yes, it is a pretty big freaking deal to see that white gold (in no way is white gold a cocaine reference …I am literally talking about atmospheric water vapor frozen into ice crystals and falling in light white flakes). Now, Winter engagement sessions are awesome but there are some things you need to know. In this section, I will provide some tips about winter engagement photos in Mount Baldy. As well as share some photos of Jesse and Sara’s engagement session – again – super old photos so don’t judge LOL!

Mt. Baldy Engagement Photos

5 Winter Engagement Session Tips at Mount Baldy

Engagement sessions in winter at Mount Baldy create a magical backdrop, but they do require special preparation. The cold and potential snow can affect your mood and outfit if you’re not ready. Here are 5 tips on how you can make sure you’re prepared while looking fabulous in your Mount Baldy engagement photos!

  1. Dress in Layers: Start with warm undergarments, and add a stylish coat for photos. You can remove it when needed.
  2. Wear Practical Shoes: Choose warm, sturdy boots for walking between spots. You chose the mountains for your engagement session for a reason so be practical about footwear.
  3. Use an Umbrella for Snow: If it’s snowing, protect your hair and makeup with an umbrella while moving around.
  4. Guys, Dress Smartly: Layer up, and pick a matching winter coat. A sweater under a trench coat offers versatility and warmth.
  5. Bring Warm Accessories: Pack hand warmers, hot drinks, and a blanket. Use these for both warmth and as cute photo props.

Embrace the season and let the winter wonderland of Mount Baldy enhance your engagement photos! Stay warm, stay stylish, and most importantly, enjoy the moment.

Mt. Baldy Engagement PhotosMt. Baldy Engagement PhotosMt. Baldy Engagement PhotosMt. Baldy Engagement PhotosMt. Baldy Engagement PhotosMt. Baldy Engagement PhotosMt. Baldy Engagement Photos

Are The Views At Bear Flat Trail Good For Mt. Baldy Engagement Photos?

Yes, Bear Flat Trail offers stunning views of the San Gabriel Mountains’ high country, perfect for your Mt. Baldy engagement session. The trail, located just an hour from Los Angeles, provides a variety of scenic backgrounds. You will traverse through lush forests, steep climbs, and open conifer forests, reaching an impressive 10,064 feet at the summit. At the top, the 360-degree view of the surrounding mountains provides a breathtaking backdrop for your photos.

When Is The Best Time To Plan Our Engagement Session In Mount Baldy or Bear Flat Trail?

First of all, we would want to plan your Mt. Baldy engagement photos towed the last 2 hours of the day so we can get the softest light possible. Regardless of what season you choose. For photos at Bear Flat Trail, it’s best to plan your engagement photo session in late spring or early  fall. Why? Because the trail is snow-free and more manageable . Summer visits are possible, but some trail sections get extremely warm. Finally, always bring plenty of water since the trail does not offer any.

Can You Provide Clear Directions To Bear Flat Trail For Our Upcoming Engagement Photo Session?

Totally! From Los Angeles, take the 210 freeway east to Claremont and exit at Baseline Road, turning left. Then, turn right onto Padua Avenue, and after 1.7 miles, right again onto Mt. Baldy Road. Continue for 7.1 miles until you reach Mt. Baldy Village, where you’ll find the trailhead behind the village chapel. Park on the street or in the small area up the road, but avoid parking in areas reserved for the Mt. Baldy Lodge or Chapel.

Are There Places In Mount Baldy For Drinks Before Or After Our Engagement Photo Session?

Yes, you I have two great options if you are up for grabbing drinks around Mount Baldy to loosen up for your engagement session. Consider visiting the Mount Baldy Lounge Restaurant, Buckhorn Lodge & Restaurant or the Top of the Notch Restaurant. The Buckhorn Lodge offers a cozy atmosphere, perfect for unwinding. At Top of the Notch, enjoy drinks with a view, as it sits higher up the mountain. Both spots provide a fantastic way to celebrate your engagement session, ensuring a memorable experience.