Murrieta Mill With Chad & Tenaya

I have known Tenaya for years, and years and years, back when Meat Grinder and Kettlecadaver would battle it out in garages and at dirt parties in the hills of Temecula for local music supremacy (They really should have tried booking shows rather than playing dirt parties) … so naturally when I heard she was engaged and getting married next year I was pretty excited for her and her soon-to-be husband Chad. I never really met Chad in person until this engagement shoot, but I recognized him as a guy who goes to the same Gold’s Gym that I do. Chad is that type of guy who benches like 5,000 lbs and pretty much makes you hate your fat-self, but he couldn’t have been more awesome. Since I myself also will be tying the knot next year, I understand the stress and hassle it is to find a venue for the ceremony, reception, food, music and of course wedding photography.  Therefore, I contacted Tenaya and asked her if she wanted me to shoot her engagement photos as a way to reduce her photography costs. She agreed, and I was also able to pull Justin from YourInnerSong Photography away from his man cave for a couple hours to help out. We drank Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBRs) beforehand, knocked back PBRs during the shoot and pretty much rocked the entire time! It really was a blast having all of us hang out while shooting pictures, and I think that good energy came through in the photos.

As hard as it is to do with all the stress of wedding planning, I really believe that people should soak up and enjoy every moment of the wedding process they possibly can, especially during the engagement sessions. This is exactly what Tenaya and Chad did. They not only got dressed up for the shoot, but they brought a good attitude and champagne! This kept the whole atmosphere loose and more natural. Later that night, we even did some rad action night shots where Chad busted out the wife-beater. Those were captured on Justin’s camera so they will be coming soon!