Murrieta Vow Renewal Bear Creek

Bear Creek Vow Renewal: 13 Years & More To Come

Bear Creek Wedding Photos

Our life is art and it is certainly worth celebrating. Taking time to enjoy moments with friends, family members, and loved ones is an important thing. This is because laughter enriches the soul and happiness truly is the meaning of life. Therefore, I was more than excited to be part of a vow renewal ceremony in Murrieta, California to celebrate the 13-year journey of Steve and Bryna. The ceremony was perfection in its simplicity and the best details were close friends and family that were built over the course of a lifetime. The energy between this group of people could be felt among any outsider, but then again it did not take long for an outsider like myself to feel like part of the group in a very short period of time. Bryna, Steve, and their family+ friends had a warmth about them that I doubt my photographs could ever truly capture. Cheers to all of you for being awesome and thank you, Bryna, for the pineapple juice infused with vodka that made me oh so happy!

Murrieta-Vow-Renewal1 Murrieta-Vow-Renewal2 Murrieta-Vow-Renewal3 Murrieta-Vow-Renewal4 Murrieta-Vow-Renewal5 Murrieta-Vow-Renewal6 Murrieta-Vow-Renewal7 Murrieta-Vow-Renewal8 Murrieta-Vow-Renewal9 Murrieta-Vow-Renewal10 Murrieta-Vow-Renewal11 Murrieta-Vow-Renewal12 Murrieta-Vow-Renewal13

Congrats on 13 years of marriage Steven & Bryna! I wish you two nothing more than continued happiness and joy!

Photo Credit: Palm Springs Wedding Photographer Ryan Horban