Newport Beach Engagement Photos

Newport Beach Engagement Photos With Drew & Randi

Newport Beach Engagement Photos

About 6 months ago I was driving up north for an engagement session at Victoria Beach in Laguna so I called my friend who lives in the area and asked if he wanted to go out for pizza + beers after my photoshoot. He had to pass because he was actually en route to Los Angeles for an Empire of the Sun show, but said he had a spare ticket if I wanted to roll out after my engagement session. I said, “fuck yeah” and after the engagement shoot partied all night in Los Angeles. Now,  you might be asking yourself what the hell any of that has to do with this blog post about Newport Beach engagement photos. Well, the answer is simple: it was in Los Angeles that I first met Randi (the bride-to-be).

So I meet Randi in Los Angeles and she’s telling me about how she is planning a wedding in Temecula, which happens to be a location I frequently shoot at. In fact, Randi mentions how she’s getting married at Galway Downs Equestrian Park, a wedding venue I recently photographed. After talking about dates we learn that the only date I had available for the entire month of October happens to be her wedding date. Boom! After working out the details we were all set for the engagement photoshoot with Randi and Drew and the wedding later this year in Temecula. This part of the story is their engagement shoot, but I will let you look at some photos first since I’ve been blabbering on and on for some time and you are probably sick of the nonsense. So ignore me now and check out some of the engagement photos in Newport Beach with Randi and Drew!

Newport Beach Engagement Photos Newport Beach Engagement Photos Newport Beach Engagement Photos Newport Beach Engagement Photos Newport Beach Engagement Photos

Newport Beach Engagement Photo Locations

Orange County engagement locations in Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, San Juan Capistrano, Corona Del Mar, Huntington Beach, and the iconic downtown Laguna Beach are all great, but as an engagement photographer, there is no spot better for couple photos than Newport Beach! If you are trying to find the best locations for wedding and engagement photography, here are some of this Newport Beach photographers’ favorite spots!

  • Balboa Ferris Wheel (Balboa Island)
  • Newport Pier
  • Crystal Cove State Park
  • The Points (Lookout Point)
  • Big Corona Beach
  • The Castaways Park
  • Anywhere The Drinks Are Cold & You Feel Comfortable

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Newport Beach Engagement Photos Newport Beach Engagement Photos

Drew & Randi’s Newport Beach, CA Engagement Session

Okay so I gave a little background story on how Randi and I met, but let me share a little info about the engagement session in Newport Beach to bring this baby full circle! The engagement session started at one of my all-time favorite places: a bar. There is something about a conversation over drinks before shooting that really helps set the tone for the day and naturally, we utilized that time efficiently! After a couple cold ones we cruised around Newport Beach where security guards asked me if I had a permit to shoot in that location. I emphatically and confidentially exclaimed I was an international wedding photographer who shot Brad Pitt’s first wedding to that “chick on Friends”, and was insulted such words would even be spoken to me. The reality was I was simply buying time for her to check my fake news info which would allow me to bail like a teenager stealing beer. After that little episode, we decided to move the engagement session to the beach.

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Newport Beach Engagement Photos

What Should I Wear For Engagement Photos At Newport Beach?

Every Newport Beach engagement photography mini-session should at some point conclude with fun/romantic photos on the sand. Therefore, it is important to consider what you are going to wear once the photo session hits the beach. Flowing dresses that can twirl in the wind are always great, as well as dresses with bold colors. But honestly, it does not matter what you wear! What matters is that you have a good attitude and feel comfortable. Therefore, I say wear whatever makes you happy! What fits your personal style and vibe at this moment in your life.

Newport Beach Engagement Photos Newport Beach Engagement Photos Newport Beach Engagement Photos Newport Beach Engagement Photos

After rocking some blue hour photos at Newport Beach, we headed off to Whole Foods (you read that correctly) for some post-game IPAs. I never drank in a grocery store before but I have to say that the people of Newport Beach seem to have it figured out because a bar in a health food store really was pretty amazing. I don’t really know how to effectively conclude this little engagement photo blog post so I think I will just end it with a goodbye. Fin.

Those interested in checking out more beach photography work can check out these engagement photos at Manhattan Beach Pier I photographed late last year! Cheers!

Newport Beach Engagement Photos Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the best locations for an engagement photo session in or around Newport Beach?

Newport Beach, California offers myriad beautiful locations for your engagement photos. You’ll find picturesque spots such as the dreamy Heisler Park, the rustic Laguna Canyon, and the serene Crystal Cove State Park. If you’re looking for a more urban vibe, Downtown Laguna Beach or the vibrant Costa Mesa might be your perfect fit. Other fantastic location options include the iconic Victoria Beach, charming Balboa Island, and the tranquil James Dilley Preserve. In the broader Orange County, consider locations like historic San Juan Capistrano for a touch of old-world charm.

What is the best time of year to take engagement photos in Newport?

Ideally, summer and fall are the ideal seasons for your Newport Beach engagement session. Why? These seasons offer the best combination of weather and natural light, enhancing the beauty of your photos. The summer months promise longer days and warm, golden sunlight – perfect for that coveted sunset engagement session. The fall, on the other hand, brings a softer, romantic light. However, the most important thing is you have a good attitude and are ready to have fun. So focus on having a good time more than the time of year. Not to mention, Winter sunsets in Orange County tend to have the most vibrant colors!

What’s the best time of day to shoot engagement photos in Newport?

The golden hour, which occurs shortly after sunrise and just before sunset, is the most popular time for an engagement photoshoot. This time provides a warm, soft glow that’s perfect for romantic shots. Are you up for a sunset engagement session at a spot like Willow Canyon? Or would you prefer an early morning shoot at the Space Trail? As your wedding photographers, we can plan according to your preferences to ensure we capture your love in the best light!

What should I consider when planning my Newport Beach engagement session?

Think about the kind of engagement photo you envision. Do you want a natural backdrop? Then consider Laguna Beach or Crystal Cove State Park. Are you seeking a more city-like feel? Downtown Laguna or Costa Mesa may be the engagement location for you. Always remember to consider the time of year and day to ensure optimal lighting. As your engagement photographers, we’ll be there to guide you through the planning process, making it as stress-free as possible.

Remember, these are just recommendations. Every couple is unique, and our goal as your wedding photographers is to help you create the perfect setting that reflects your personal love story.