Newport Beach Exotic Car Photographer

Exotic Car Photographer

Every kid that has ever played with a toy car understands the relationship between man and automobile. However, as we get older we see something truly artistic and stunning about the design of many of the most exotic cars in the world; Iconic vehicle brands such as the Ferrari, Bentley or Lamborghini. Simply saying the name of one of these exotic car brands instantly paints a vivid picture in the mind of any man. These cars are more than just about acceleration, luxury comfort and status. They are about style. Unique handcrafted automobiles designed and engineered with precision and extreme detail. Like the majority of people in the world, this Temecula based wedding photographer will likely never own a exotic luxury automobile. Thankfully, wedding photography has opened the doors to exotic car photography, allowing this man from Temecula an opportunity to be commissioned to photograph a number of luxury exotic cars offered for sale at a dealership based in Costa Mesa. Below are some of the photos captured of a black Maserati being offered for sale at Newport Motors.