Norco Backyard Wedding Photos

Wedding In Norco, California

Norco Wedding Photographer

I think it was the Buddha who once said, “You know a wedding was good when you wake up the next morning feeling like shit”. Well that’s pretty much how I felt after Mike and Emily’s backyard wedding in Norco. But since you might not know who Mike and Emily are let me start from the beginning!

Last year, I photographed a wedding at Hidden Oaks of Mitch and Marcelline. Stay with me because it’s all going to make sense soon enough. Mitch and Marcelline are good friends with Mike and Emily, and once Mike and Emily saw those Hidden Oaks wedding photos they reached out to me about photographing their wedding. I said yes, Mike said YES and then we both giggled over a pillow fight. After we sealed that deal, I photographed Mike and Emily’s engagement photos at Peltzer Pumpkin Farm in Temecula, and knew right then the wedding was going to be f***ing cool. They had a bunch of good friends who would help with the wedding decor plus details, open bar and yeah why not mention it again….a bar full of booze open to the public and wedding vendors. In all seriousness, I really enjoyed this wedding because Mike and Emily are genuinely great people. They have that positive energy I love in people. So congrats Mike and Emily ! And Go Kings Go! 🙂

All wedding photos were captured in Norco, California by Temecula Wedding Photography company Rock This Moment.