My Old Pictures…

My First Photos

Over the past year, I have become increasingly more enchanted with portrait and wedding photography; the art of capturing a genuine moment for over a lifetime through the use of my camera and novice post-processing/editing capabilities. Although I have slowly (emphasis on SLOWLY) made progress with enhancing my ninja-like photo skills and building an avenue to showcase my moves/photos, I am continuing on my simple quest to become the best photographer to ever walk the face of the Earth (I like to set the bar high). Now that project “Get my darn blog up and running” finally appears to be coming into fruition, I have decided to upload some of the very first images I ever took with Rodrigo (My old Canon 50D camera…I always felt he had a bit of spice to him, hence the name Rodrigo). So my very first blog post is more of a tribute to the good times Rodrigo and I had, and the magic we captured as a photographer/camera team.

I could have easily re-edited these images, sharpening them, removing awful filters and nasty vignettes, but I think it is important to see the progression and evolution of a person’s art. There are two things I know are true in life: 1) No matter what a stripper tells you, there is no sex in the champagne room, and 2) Nobody starts off as an amazing anything. In a year or two, when I reflect back on these images and this very first photography blog post ever, I believe I will appreciate not only where I am at with my photography, but also the journey thus far. These first images will always be the starting point and I reminder of where I began.