One Week Before My Wedding

Pre-Wedding Thoughts

Being a wedding photographer in Temecula has allowed me to see a number of awesome venues, wedding details and basically all of the minor and major things that make a wedding ceremony look amazing. However, I only paid attention to all of those things because it has been my job as a wedding photographer to tell the story of the bride and groom on their wedding day; and the scenery, details and guests are all part of that love story. The thing is I never realized how much frustration all those little hand-made Pinterest inspired signs, sweets tables or wedding cakes probably have caused the bride and groom until just recently. The reason is because with a week to go before my wedding I still feel like a chicken with his head cut off, as Corissa and I scramble to get everything in order before our wedding day scheduled for launch next week.

As I lay on my couch typing this I hear the loud humming of the carpet shampooer going. My office chair is in the living room, and my dog Sinatra feels the urge to pee on anything that has been cleaned. This is not even the tip of the iceberg of the chaos in our home. Corissa is trying to get the house in order before all her family flies in from Illinois in a couple days, and the time is ticking down quickly to get s*** done. Here is my short list of things I should be doing now that for some reason I feel the urge to avoid:

1. Confirm all set-up and final guest number with the caterer.
2. Send out final invites (This is just terrible I still have not invited everyone I have wanted).
3. Order my wedding ring (yup I already know).
4. Get in touch with the band.
5. Get PA system from band.
6. Purchase grooms men’s gifts.
7. Order kegs and taps for wedding.
8. Edit speeches
9. Book hotel for wedding night and night before honeymoon.
10. Get rental car for honeymoon

As I typed everything on that above list all I wanted to do was say “f***!”. I can seriously see why people leave town to get married or just pay out the buns for an all inclusive venue. Normally, I would hammer out most if not the entire list of things to do in a day, but I’m still feeling the pain from a three-day bachelor party in Las Vegas. Not to mention, my other duties running a GPS tracker website and Temecula coupon website require a lot of my time. There is a sense of burden that feels overwhelming right now. Let’s be clear that this has absolutely nothing to do with the marriage or actual process of getting married on 10-5-12. I’m simply talking about the dog and pony show that is the preparations for the wedding. Honestly, I can see why some brides and grooms shove cake into each other’s faces on their big day. That probably has more to do with months and months of arguments and frustration boiling over in one cake-filled violent moment. I have actually felt the urge to slam something in somebody’s face as well recently…

In all seriousness, I am very much looking forward to the wedding. Seeing friends and family, eating good food and drinking until the midnight hour sounds like a blast. And not to mention, the wedding day is the antecedent to the honeymoon, and Corissa and I very much deserve a break after putting this wedding together without professional assistance. The only problem is I’m not going to have the opportunity to enjoy these things or many of the other little things if I can’t start knocking off some of the crap on my to-do list! For all of you couples already married who put together a wedding on your own I want you to know you are all my personal heroes. And for those clients whose weddings I shoot in the near future, I will never look at your details the same again. They may not seem like much to the outside world, but I know each detail probably comes with a back story, argument or something crazy.