Oregon Trip: Hide The Hippies

Oregon Adventures

Corissa and I have always discussed taking a trip up to Oregon, but for some reason never really got around to making that happen until this past week. Maybe it has been her hours working at Glen Ivey, or my work at GPS Tracker Shop combined with wedding photography obligations for Rock This Moment that has caused procrastination.  Regardless, we finally packed up the old Hyundai and blasted up there! Personally, I have always loved the Pacific Northwest, and actually spent about 5 years of my childhood growing up in a small town in Oregon (There actually is no Starbucks in this place, but rest assured they still have time to keep up with the Kardashians). I still have a significant part of my family living in Oregon in a city called Grants Pass, so it made sense to take my special lady friend up north for a little R&R. Since she is obsessed with the Twilight series in a way that is slightly frightening, I knew she would appreciate the foggy beaches, numerous rivers and trees as far as the eye can see. Although she was probably disappointed that the locals don’t actually walk around shirtless in real life like Jacob (most locals dress in camo/hunting gear while sporting some form of mustache, goatee or facial hair), she said she had a great time. Here is a brief look at our time in Ashland, Grants Pass and Brookings!

The photos above were taken in Ashland, which is seriously an awesome place. The pictures seriously do not do this place any justice. There is this amazing place called Lithia Park where you can walk/hike and drink natural lithia water that smells a bit like rotten eggs, but tastes like soda water. Also, the city is a college town so you get a great deal of that enthusiastic hippie type vibe that is always entertaining. Did I also mention that there are a lot of homeless people and wine bars?

While in Grants Pass, we stopped at this cool little place called the Tap Rock Grill that was located right on the Rogue River near Caveman Bridge. They had a pretty solid happy hour that featured affordable appetizers large enough for Mr. T to consider his actual meal, and local micro brews that were pretty awesome.

After Grants Pass, we finished up our trip to a beach city called Brookings. This place is seriously rad, and even more so if your only exposure to the coast is a Southern California beach. What is so cool about Brookings is that there is not a house on every inch of the coast line. In fact, there are farms and wilderness all the way up to the sand. It is fairly remote and very awwwwww inspiring (like a baby kitten playing with yummy yarn). Sadly, I received a speeding ticket while heading back home from Brookings by some douche bag cop who seriously lied about how fast I was going, and did not even have a radar gun. Hopefully, he gets some rare form of butt herpes.

The Pacific Northwest is seriously amazing, and everyone should make a real effort to get up there at least once. I promise you that you will go back again!