Our Honeymoon

Post-Wedding Fun

Even though being a professional wedding photographer means that I have seen more weddings than most people, getting married yourself is still a very overwhelming experience. On October 5th of this year (2012), I was lucky enough to marry my long-term girlfriend/fiancée Corissa. We said our I do’s at a house we rented in the Temecula wineries, a perfect little secluded and endearing spot that was pretty much everything we could have hoped for and more given our very limited budget. We had roughly 85 close family and friends attend our outdoor ceremony, and many of us partied hours after midnight. Our close friends went so far out of their way to help us put everything together that we both felt truly appreciative and indebted to them. It was a wonderful experience in so many ways… the awesome ceremony, having your friends help with every detail, having great friends photograph. coordinate, bar-tend and cater. Everybody really pitched in to make the day go so smoothly. The dance floor was soaked with beer, the band rocked until midnight, the bride was busting out keg stands and people were having a competition to see who could throw the empty kegs furthest and that only describes just a sliver of the madness and love that was our wedding!

When I woke up a happy and married man on 10-6-12, I also woke up a very hungover man. This was unfortunate because we still had to clean the house/venue up, and then drive north to Long Beach to begin the first phase of our honeymoon, a 7-day Mexican cruise. Feeling like total death and being rushed for time, I didn’t realize I forgot to pack my Canon 5D Mark iii until we were about to board the ship. This bummed me out pretty hard because I really enjoy taking photos even when I’m not shooting weddings. That left this Temecula wedding photographer with no other option but to document the honeymoon with an iPhone 4 and Visual Supply Company (VSCO) mobile application. Therefore, the quality of my honeymoon images may not be what I have hoped, but they are still better than no images at all. However, after I reviewed these photos they reminded me of the amazing time that we had on our cruise and time up in Bodega Bay. Even though the quality of the images was not exceptional, they are wonderful reminders of the time that we had together. These photos are priceless to me, regardless if they were taken on my cell phone.

Below are a couple of really bad videos captured by drunk people on my iPhone drinking tequila in Cabo!