Palm Springs Elopement Packages

Palm Springs Elopement Packages – All The Goods For Your Desert Destination Adventure!

So, you decided that you don’t want your wedding day to feel rushed or stressful. I mean why start your marriage tens of thousands of dollars in debt, only to deal with family drama on your wedding day. Yikes, lol! Whether you want a low-key desert adventure, or just want to avoid all the stress that traditional weddings bring, I got you covered. Hi, my name is Ryan and I am a Palm Springs elopement photographer. And basically, I wrote this article to serve as your personal wedding guide to help you successfully elope in Palm Springs without stress. From photography coverage to the best hair and makeup people, I am going to show you everything you need to know about Palm Springs elopement packages! That means the best elopement ceremony locations, wedding officiants, and cool shit to do while you are enjoying that Palm Springs, CA sunshine! Now, let me stop talking (or writing) so you can get into the good stuff!

Parker Palm Springs Wedding Venue

Palm Springs Elopement Photographer Pricing

Okay I might be a wee bit bias here, but I think one of the most important parts of planning your elopement should be hiring a kick ass Palm Springs wedding photographer. Why? Because we can help you from start to finish by not only delivering awesome photos, but also giving our expert advice on rad places to stay, the best restaurants, and everything to enhance your elopement experience. It is also the reason why you should hire a photographer local to the area. Someone who knows all the hidden gems in and around the Palm Springs desert, and act as your personal wedding guide! And what is the investment for this? Here is a breakdown of my Palm Springs elopement packages:

  • $900 – One Hour: Simple day of coverage where we can get rad wedding photographs of your ceremony and some cool shots in probably one additional location.
  • $1,700 – Two Hours: This gives us a little more flexibility to get some getting ready photos, maybe set up a first look, as well as wedding photos in multiple locations
  • $2,500 – Three “Is All You Need” Hours: With 3 hours of photography coverage, we can really do it all. Some getting ready photos, and champagne toasts after the ceremony. Photographs in the desert or by the windmills, and awesome local art murals that offer that Palm Springs vibe. Do you want the ultimate epic elopement that totally captures the energy of both you and the desert in all your glory? Then 3 hours is all you need in a Palm Springs elopement package!

With all the wedding packages, I can assist with Palm Springs elopement timelines, guiding you on locations, the best time to shoot, and everything to make sure your day is absent of all stress. I mean that is the reason you choose to elope anyhow right?


Elope In Palm Springs Elope In Palm Springs Elope In Palm Springs Elope In Palm Springs Elope In Palm Springs

7 Best Locations To Elope In Palm Springs, CA

So the majority of photographs in this article are from Dane and Rachel’s Palm Springs elopement in July of 2017. Yes, these crazy ass Australians got married, in Palm Springs, in peak Summer. Typically, I do not take on any Palm Springs weddings or engagements in July/August because the weather is so hot it literally feels like the heat is murdering your face. Yes, the temperature during their Palm Springs elopement was a shade over 110 degrees, but the beers were cold and the good times were abundant. For their California elopement, we started at Ace Swim Club before heading out to the Palm Springs Visitors Center for their wedding ceremony. And you know what? Everything was perfect – other than the weather.

That begs the question, where should you elope in Palm Springs? Well random internet person, here are 7 of the best locations that keep the cost of eloping on the low-end so you can spend your hard-earned money on cocktails by the pool and scented lubricants and oils for your wedding night.

Palm Springs Visitor’s Center

This is the spot Dane and Rachel got married (the photos featured in this article). The spot is right off Palm Canyon (Highway 111), so it is easy to find, has accessible parking, has an awesome backdrop of the San Jacinto mountains, and is totally free. Yes, I said free! There are some cool photo spots around the area, and the “Welcome To Palm Springs” sign is walking distance from here. But my favorite part about capturing Palm Springs elopements at the visitors center is catching that golden light as the sun slowly falls behind the San Jacinto mountain during the wedding ceremony. It’s really gorgeous. If you want to check it out via Google Maps/street view you can by CLICKING HERE!

Casa de Monte Vista

I love this place. Casa de Monte Vista is this quaint little boutique hotel located in the historic Los Palmas neighborhood. This is the spot if you want a secluded, intimate elopement where you can also stay the night. The best part? There are tons of rad spots around the property for elopement photos, and the hotel is located right next to downtown Palm Springs! Also, the owner Joe, is super helpful.

Ace Hotel & Swim Club

Many couples looking to elope in Palm Springs say Ace is the place. And you know what? They aren’t wrong! Ace Hotel and Swim Club is a great spot for a Palm Springs desert wedding and here is why. First, you can stay on property. Second, they have an awesome diner on property called King’s Highway that is attached to the Amigo Room (this is where the Karaoke goes off on Tuesdays). Finally, they have a killer Palm Springs elopement package that includes use of awesome stargazing balcony that overlooks the whole hotel. Oh, and there are rad photo spots everywhere at the Swim Club!


Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs

Kimpton Rowan is one of the few hotel wedding venues that offers really cool all-inclusive Palm Springs elopement packages. The vibe is a little more commercial here, but the balcony overlooking the entire downtown Palm Springs where you get married is really freaking awesome. This is a spot I would recommend more for micro weddings than elopements.

Moorten Botanical Garden

Moorten Botanical Garden is truly one of the historic gems in Palm Springs, and the outdoor space is perfect for both elopements and small weddings. Personally, I love this place because it is easily accessible, affordable, and the greenhouse is an AMAZING spot for wedding photographs. You have to check this place out if are planing to elope in Palm Springs, Their website kind of sucks so you can check out a previous wedding I shot there by CLICKING HERE!

Coachella Valley Preserve

If you are more of an outdoor venue, nature trail type of person, then the Coachella Valley Preserve is definitely a spot you want to research for your special day. Covering 880 acres, the greater Coachella Valley Preserve is situated in the Indio Hills. The landscape offers views of the Little San Bernardino Mountains and Joshua Tree National Park’s southern edge. It’s a serene setting that speaks to those drawn to nature. You can check out a recent engagement session I captured there by CLICKING HERE!

Palm Springs Airbnb

Are you the type of person who likes to party naked? I feel ya! Then why not avoid all those incident exposure fines and just put together a Palm Springs elopement package that revolves around a private Airbnb? Honestly, Palm Springs has so many amazing boutique style private estates and Airbnbs that are perfect for your elopement ceremony. Simply have the officiant and Palm springs wedding photographer roll over to your place, get married, then have the elopement photographer (Hi that’s me) take you to some cool spots around downtown Palm Springs! Super easy, low-key, and affordable!

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Elope In Palm Springs Elope In Palm Springs Elope In Palm Springs Elope In Palm Springs Elope In Palm Springs

Best Officiants For Your California Elopement In The Desert

Okay, so by now you should have emailed or text me about my availability for your Palm Springs elopement, wrote down some of the best Palm Springs wedding venue options, and poured yourself a second glass of wine. If not, you can go do that now! So what’s next? Well, the next step is booking your wedding officiant. Yes, the person who is going to command you when to say, “I Do”. The Palm Springs wedding officiant who I work with a ton for elopements is Richard Cardieux. He is a legend out here who has officiated thousands of weddings (even over a hundred in a single day!). So, not only can he guide you from start to finish with your elopement plans, but he can also help with all the paperwork. Below, is his pricing for officiating weddings, as well as some other options for you to consider for your desert wedding. Oh, and all recommendations are LGBTQIA2S+ friendly:

Richard Cadieux

Let’s Run Away Together“. Basic wedding packages starting at $595.00  VISIT WEBSITE!

Eloping in Palm Springs? Let me introduce you to Richard Cadieux. With a track record spanning over 1000 weddings at 165+ unique Palm Springs venues, Richard is a seasoned pro. Being a local since 1977 and holding a certification as a wedding consultant, he knows the Palm Springs wedding scene inside out.

Richard’s expertise isn’t limited to just officiating. Whether you need a minister, clergy, official, humanist, or celebrant, he can seamlessly integrate whatever you need into your ceremony. His focus? Ensuring your big day is as special as your love story, while also taking care of the legal intricacies. For a Palm Springs elopement that perfectly marries emotion and legality, Richard Cadieux is your guy.

Moochie Moon

Ceremonies starting at $450.00 VISIT WEBSITE!

Let’s Get Married By Marie

Run Away With Me” basic wedding package starts at $699.00 VISIT WEBSITE!

Elope In Palm Springs Elope In Palm Springs Elope In Palm Springs Elope In Palm Springs Elope In Palm Springs Elope In Palm Springs Elope In Palm Springs Elope In Palm Springs

Earlier, I mentioned that I don’t normally offer Palm Springs elopement packages during the Summer months (and most wedding vendors out here adhere to that rule as well). So why did I say yes to Dane and Rachel? Because he wrote me this awesome email below:

Hey bud, Rachel and myself are two Aussies traveling to the States for an awesome wedding adventure. We’re on the hunt for a fun-loving, beer-swindling photographer to hang out with us for a few hours and capture (as well as be witness to) our vows in a desert near Palm Springs. We are in our early 30’s, own a bar and micro-brewery, and just want to have some fucking fun on our wedding day – just the 3 of us lol!! We’ll celebrate with friends and family when we return to Australia. Are you in?”

– My point in sharing this is it never hurts to ask! Sure, it was hot as Satan’s dick that day, but I knew instantly from this email that Dane and Rachel were my type of people. And I am very thankful to have connected with them. Oh, and did I mention they own an awesome company that forges ethical jewelry using an age-old metalsmith technique known as sand casting? Yes, they make wedding rings in their little workshop by the sea in Adelaide, South Australia. So please, if you want truly authentic sustainable sourced wedding rings, visit their website here:

After Your Elopement – Cool Stuff To Do In Palm Springs, CA

YEAH! YOU’RE FINALLY MARRIED! Sure, you might be a little hungover from the champagne, but who cares because you are hungover with your soul mate. But now what? You spent so much time organizing the plan to elope in Palm Springs that you forgot about planning on what to do afterward? Don’t worry, I got your back. Listen, there is a lot of cool shit to do in Palm Springs, California after exchanging your wedding vows. Here are some of the things I recommend you check out:

  1. Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. Do you like hiking? Or maybe you want a break from the Palm Springs heat? If so, the aerial tramway can take you to a whole new ecosystem while providing you a ton of hiking fun. Not to mention, the views are gorgeous! But the smog gets pretty nasty in the Summer time so be aware of that!
  2. Joshua Tree National Park. Sure, its a little over an hour away from Palm Springs, but you already came this far! Why not go a little further? Trust me, spending a day in Joshua Tree is worth the drive!
  3. Red Jeep Tour.  A super fun outdoor acuity you should definitely do. Oh, and book the Painted Canyon adventure jeep tour! That is my personal favorite!
  4. Ride ATVS. If the jeep tour is too pricey, why not ride some quads for $50 for 30 minutes? Off Road Rentals is right off Highway 111 and only about 10 minutes from downtown Palm Springs. Honestly, this is a super fun activity!
  5. Tac/Quila. You are probably hungry by now so why not grab some Mexican food and a signature margarita at my favorite Mexican restaurant in Palm Springs? Yes, Tac/Quila is amazing and you should definitely drop in for a drink!
  6. Workshop. Oh, you don’t like Mexican food because it gives you gas? Well, fuck me, I am sorry. Then check out Workshop, one of the best restaurants in all of Palm Springs, according to a gay, overweight chef whose wedding I shot. And if there is anyone you should trust when it comes to food recommendations, it’s 100% a husky, gay chef!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Step-By-Step Process To Obtain A Marriage License In Palm Springs?

Before you can slam cold cocktails by the pool on your wedding day, first you need to get that paperwork in order. Yes, I am talking about the marriage license. In fact, how do I obtain a Palm Springs marriage license is a question I get often from couples planning their elopement. Don’t worry, the whole process is actually super easy. Here is a step-by-step breakdown on getting all the paperwork you need:

  1. Decide Where to Apply: Apply at any Riverside County Clerk’s office, not exclusively in Palm Springs.
  2. Gather Necessary Documentation: You’ll need valid photo ID (e.g., driver’s license or passport) and Social Security numbers (non-U.S. citizens are exempt).
  3. Visit the County Clerk’s Office: Both parties must be present. The Riverside County Clerk’s office in Palm Springs is a top pick.
  4. Fill Out the Application: Ensure accuracy in all details and double-check before submitting.
  5. Pay the Fee: As of my last update, a public marriage license in Riverside County is around $90. Fees may vary, so check beforehand.
  6. Wait for the License: Typically, you receive your license right away. There’s no waiting period post obtaining the license.
  7. Find an Officiant: Anyone ordained can officiate. However, ensure they’re legally recognized in California.
  8. Get Married Within 90 Days: The license is valid for 90 days post issuance. Ensure you plan your elopement within this timeframe.
  9. Return the Completed License: After your ceremony, have your officiant and witnesses sign the license, then return it to the Riverside County Clerk’s Office.
  10. Receive Your Certified Marriage Certificate: You can request certified copies for a fee. They’re handy for legal changes like name alterations.

Do You Offer Elopement Packages For Joshua Tree National Park?

Yes, if you plan on having a Joshua Tree elopement, I can totally help! In fact, I have photographed hundreds of engagements, micro weddings, proposals, and elopements in and around Joshua Tree National Park! So I can help you find an intimate spot for your wedding ceremony on your elopement day! From Cap Rock to Hidden Valley Picnic Area, I can help guide you to an awesome Joshua Tree elopement adventure! And the best part? My Joshua Tree elopement packages are the same rate as my Palm Springs elopement packages!

Do You Have Any Recommendations For Florists In Palm Springs?

Yes, here are three florists I recommend to brides and grooms planning to elope in Palm Springs. I don’t know anything about florals so I will just provide their info and you can connect with them:

  • Desert Rose Creative. Founded by Alyssa, a Mojave Desert native, Desert Rose initially started as a wedding planning service in 2019. Quickly, Alyssa discovered her true calling: crafting floral arrangements. She’s passionate about bringing your wedding floral dreams to life.
  • Luna Design Studios. Located in Palm Desert, Luna Design Studios has been crafting unique and trendy floral arrangements since 1992. Beyond flowers, they offer rental equipment and lighting design, ensuring every detail of your special day shines.
  • Shindig Chic. Angelena, the founder, transitioned from a visual designer to a floral artist in 2012. She takes pride in creating custom bouquets for each wedding. Their team believes in personalization; no two weddings should mirror each other. Your love story inspires their designs.

What’s The Best Time Of Year To Elope In Palm Springs?

The best time to elope in Palm Springs is during the shoulder seasons: late fall (October to November) and early spring (February to April). Why? Let’s break it down:

During these months, Palm Springs offers a cocktail of perfect weather – think sunny days with mild temperatures, where the sun kisses your skin rather than burns it. Summer, can be brutally hot with temps that skyrocket past 110°F. On the flip side, wintertime, although cooler, can sometimes sprinkle a dash of unpredictability with occasional chilly winds.

Late fall and early spring? That’s the sweet spot. You get all the desert charm without the extreme temperatures. Plus, these months still dodge the peak tourist season, meaning you can have a more intimate elopement experience without the usual crowd photo-bombing your wedding photos.