Palm Springs Engagement Photos

Palm Springs Engagement Photos, Locations, & Things You Need To Know For Planning Your Shoot!

Did you know that couples who plan their engagement sessions in Palm Springs are more intelligent, attractive and fun? Honestly, I don’t have the statistics to validate that claim, but from my personal experiences this is 100% accurate. I have been servicing couples who want Palm Springs wedding, elopement and engagement photos for over 10 years. And in that time, I have explored some amazing engagement photo locations. That is why I wrote this article – to share some of my personal favorite spots to help you plan your desert adventure. So grab yourself a margarita – or mineral water with lime – and let’s go over some locations, FAQs and information about Palm Springs engagement photos!

Moorten Botanical Garden – Best Outdoor Location For Engagement Session

Palm Springs Engagement Photos

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Are you looking for an outdoor location that has a chill vibe for your engagement photo shoot? If so, I would totally recommend you take a tour of Moorten Botanical garden. The private arboretum’s collection of over 3,000 examples of desert cacti and plants will provide an awesome backdrop to your engagement session. You can also utilize the quaint Mediterranean-style greenhouse, which is easily one of the most iconic locations in Palm Springs, to get creative shots!

Address: 1701 S Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264

Airbnb – Best Location For Intimate Engagement Photos

Palm Springs Engagement Photos

Did you know that Palm Springs, California is home to some of the most unique Airbnb and private estates anywhere in the country? Well, if you didn’t, now you do! Honestly, I have photographed more engagements and elopements than I can count and stylish little desert getaways. And the end result? Pure awesomeness. See, every couple is different, and my goal as an engagement photographer is to guide you to a location that makes you feel like you. Is that a bar? In nature? Or maybe just by a cool pool on a hot day. Whatever the location that makes you feel comfortable is the one I want you to consider for your engagement photo location!

The Saguaro – Best Palm Springs Engagement Location For Color

Palm Springs Engagement Photos

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Are you looking for a photo location that is colorful and totally embodies that “Palm Springs” energy? Well, look no further than The Saguaro! One of the most instagram worthy places Palm Springs, The Saguaro is known for its vibrant colored walls, mid-century architecture entrance, and tequila bar. I don’t think the Saguaro Hotel is a good place to stay at when compared to The Korakia or Ace Hotel, but it definitely is a great location for engagement pics!

Address: 1800 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264

Ace Hotel – Best Palm Springs Engagement Location For Art Murals

Ace Hotel Engagement Photos

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If you are looking for a hipster style, chill photo location for your engagement session then you have to consider Ace Hotel. This laidback and free-spirited resort hotel is located right off Palm Canyon Drive in the heart of Palm Springs and is probably one of the most popular locations for photo shoots. And what makes it unique? First of all, there is an artist in residence every year who designs a giant art mural that gives the hotel a fresh look (check out the photograph above). Secondly, they serve drinks by the pool until 2:00a.m.. I not sure how much the second thing influences people to visit the Ace Hotel for their desert engagement but it works for me!

Address: 701 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264

Palm Springs Visitor’s Center – Outdoor Location With No Permit Required

Palm Springs Engagement Photos

Okay, one of my go-to locations for photos in Palm Springs has always been the visitor’s center. And why, you ask? Well, its easily accessible, there are no permit fees to shoot there, there is an awesome backdrop of the San Jacinto mountains, and the “Welcome To Palm Springs” sign is located there! Yes, it might be a little cheesy, but it how can you visit Palm Springs, CA and not get a phot next to the fun retro sign? The answer, you can’t!

Address: 2901 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Villa Royale – Best Modern Hotel For Engagement Photos

Palm Springs Engagement Photos Villa Royale

Of the many awesome hotels in Palm Springs, one of the lesser known desert locations that is great photo spot is Villa Royale. What I love about this photo location for engagement sessions are the colorful doors, and the many little spots throughout the hotel. Also, they have a really cool balcony that is great spot to sip on drinks as you relax and enjoy a California sunset. And why not just stay here while you are visiting? Yeah, you should do that, or at least consider it!

Address: 1620 S Indian Trail, Palm Springs, CA 92264

Random Hot Spots – Palm Springs Engagement Photographer’s Recommendations

Palm Springs Engagement Photos

Want know the main reason you should work with a Palm Springs engagement photographer vs a wedding photographer not local to the area? The reason is that a Palm Springs photographer can guide you to all the iconic spots, as well as many hidden gems throughout Palm Springs, California. Yes, I am talking about someone who not only knows cool spots in random Palm Springs neighborhoods, but can even advise you on the best places to get a good cocktail! Therefore, I highly encourage you to book your engagement session with someone who has experience working in the desert.

Palm Springs Engagement Photos

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Wear For My Palm Springs Engagement Photos?

Ugh, you are really going to take fashion advice from a straight man? Honestly, I tell people to prepare for one outfit change. That way, you can wear something fun and something more classic and stylish. But, I am not a stylist. As an engagement photographer, I want you to feel comfortable and be yourself. So whatever that is – do that! However, you probably came here for legit fashion advice so here are some helpful resources that go into more detail about stylish things to wear in Palm Springs that you should totally check out:

Can I Wear Retro Styles For My Palm Springs Engagement Session?

Definitely, retro styles are a hit for engagement photos in Palm Springs! In fact, the area is best known for its 1960s architecture and fashion. Bell sleeves, bold patterns, and colorful accessories will not only pay homage to this style but also make your engagement photos pop. Bring out the late-Mad Men era charm with confidence and a touch of modern flair.

Why You Should Hire A Palm Springs Engagement Photographer

Ryan - Destination Wedding Photographer

So, you need engagement photos for those save-the-dates and maybe to get a little more comfortable in front of the camera. And that’s a good plan. But why should you hire a Palm Springs engagement photographer over someone you found on Instagram? Great question! First of all, my name is Ryan and I am an engagement and elopement photographer with 10+ years experience working in Palm Springs. Yes, I am probably biased, but I am also going to be honest with you.

If I were going to Paris, I would find someone local to take photos of my wife and I. Why? Because I want someone who knows that particular area well. A local guide you could say. Someone who knows the cool places, the hidden gems, the good restaurant recommendations, places to avoid, and the best spots for fun, wedding, or engagement photos. If I hired some random wedding photographer, they would probably just take me to the Eiffel Tower and then be like, “Where do you want to go now?”. And I would do this if I visited NYC, Miami, Los Angeles, and yes even Palm Springs, California.

So should you hire a Palm Springs elopement photographer? Well, that is up to you because what matters is that you feel comfortable during your photo session. But hopefully I provided my reasoning why local is better. Oh, and if you are interested in learning more about my engagement session pricing or wedding packages, just hit the contact button. Or you can always text me at 951-704-9503.

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