Palm Springs Maternity Photos

 Maternity Photos At Ace Hotel & Palm Springs

Palm SPrings Maternity Photos

With the baby due in less than 3 weeks (OH MY GOSH!), Corissa and I made the decision to take a little overnight trip to Palm Springs while we still had the freedom to come and go as we please. We figured a short getaway to the desert would give us an opportunity to do another round of maternity photos (here are my abandoned house maternity photos from a couple months back), enjoy a little time together, talk baby stuff and simply relax before the endless nights of non-sleeping come to fruition. We booked a room at one of our all-time favorite locations in Ace Hotel, snapped photos, swam in the pool and ate so much I literally thought I would barf….I blame the vegan chicken wings from Native Foods for that. It was the type of relaxation that both of us needed and deserved after putting a nursery together, reading books about how to be awesome parents, going to doctor’s visits, taking classes and doing all of the things necessary for a child to come into the world ready to rock. The pool was cool, the weather was hot and the gay dudes were making me feel insecure about myself as always so everything was just about perfect. Here is a brief look at our day together yesterday told in the medium of photography. Enjoy!

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Below are a couple snaps I took on my iPhone 5. More of my iPhone photography can be found on my Instagram account. For my iPhone photos I typically edit using VSCO Cam and AfterLight. However, there are a lot of great mobile apps for post processing now so Mextures and all those other ones are great too. I am just not that familiar with them! All of the iPhone 5 photos were captured at Ace Hotel In Palm Springs, California.


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