Ponte Wedding Photos In Temecula

Temecula Wedding At Ponte Winery

Ponte Winery Wedding Photos

When I first met Andrea and Michael during their engagement session at English Springs Park about three months ago I was instantly excited for the opportunity to photograph their October wedding at one of my personal favorite Temecula wineries, Ponte. As a wedding photographer in Temecula I often find myself hanging out in the vineyards photographing awesome couples, but Andrea and Michael took the rock to a whole new level. However, before I start talking about how great these two love birds are and how nuts the party was, Michael wanted me to acknowledge that he hit a 300+ yard drive before the wedding ceremony while golfing with his buddies at Temecula Creek Inn at Stone House. Nice job Michael. Okay so here are a couple facts about these two kids: Andrea is sweet, intelligent and was actually born on the same day at the same hospital as one of her maids of honor Lea. I thought that was pretty wild when I heard it. Michael is athletic (please reference the 300-yard drive), smells like lavender at spring time and has a laugh that words simply could never describe. I would say his laugh sounds like a bear waking up from a winter hibernation mixed with one of those English police sirens (EEEE-RRRRRR-EEEEEE-RRRR). It is pretty awesome and if you are lucky enough to meet this guy it won’t take long before he starts cracking up. I am going to stop rambling on now and let you get to the good stuff: photos of Andrea + Michael during their Temecula Wedding at Ponte Winery.

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An extra special thank you to Kathleen Amelia for once again taking time away from her husband and daughter to come second shoot with me. She is another amazing Temecula wedding photographer based in Southern California and her photos were critical in helping me tell the story of Michael and Andrea’s wedding at Ponte Winery. Those interested in seeing some more recent wedding work at this Temecula winery can check out Katie and Brandon’s wedding photos at Ponte Winery that I photographed in the Summer of 2017!