Ponte Winery Wedding Proposal Photos

Wedding Proposal At Ponte Winery


So I was hanging out in my office one day editing wedding photos in my boxers when this really awesome phone call came through. The person on the other end was Brianna (you will see her later in this blog post) and she was going to bring her best friend Lauren to Ponte Winery in Temecula, California where Lauren’s long-time boyfriend Adam planned on proposing. This was a totally coordinated effort by Brianna and Adam to keep the whole thing a surprise and I was instantly on board. I have only photographed one wedding proposal before (at Leoness Cellars), but I recall in vivid detail how rad the energy was. Wedding proposals are great because not only do you get to capture this amazing moment, but the couple are both on cloud 9, which makes the portrait/engagement photo session afterward just so much different. There is no wedding planning stress yet, only two people totally stoked on the day and the prospect of spending the rest of their lives together. That means thinking about a lifetime of champagne, hot tub parties, champagne induced hangovers, Sunday Funday drinking, Taco Tuesday drinking, and of course my personal favorite, weekend drinking. I loved this photo session and loved being a part of it is basically what I am saying. So let me simply say CONGRATS to Adam and Lauren on their engagement! I wish you both the absolute best and hope your wedding is beyond epic!

For you wedding photographer nerds like myself, all the photographs were edited using VSCO Film pack 5 Afga Vista 100+++ Film presets. They were tweaked some but I like the look overall.

Ponte Winery Wedding Proposal PhotosPonte Winery Wedding Proposal PhotosPonte Winery Wedding Proposal PhotosPonte Winery Wedding Proposal PhotosPonte Winery Wedding Proposal PhotosPonte Winery Wedding Proposal PhotosPonte Winery Wedding Proposal Photos


Once again, a huge “you are really freaking awesome” to Brianna for choosing me to photograph such a special moment and helping put this whole thing together while also keeping it a secret from her best friend. I imagine that had to be really tough. Especially, when you consider after the photo session all of Lauren and Adam’s family were waiting at the bar in Ponte for a huge dinner celebration! Everyone could benefit from having friends that awesome.

All photos are copyright of Palm Springs Wedding Photographers Rock This Moment. Don’t be an ass face and steal these photos. Just email if you want to use them for some reason. I get so lonely editing in my office at night. I drink a lot because of the loneliness. Sometimes I feel like my dogs are my only true friends. I welcome solicitation emails is what I am saying. Does anybody have any Xanax? Oh never mind, I am just rambling on again. Cheers! And don’t take my f***ing photos Internet freaks!