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Temecula Wedding With Elif & Garrett

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It has been a hectic couple weeks with wedding photography and a new project I have been building called Temecula Wedding House so I apologize in advance if this blog post is a little rushed, but I really wanted to share this wedding on a private estate in Temecula wine country with Elif and Garrett. One, because the bride and groom were two really awesome people I was fortunate enough to cross paths with. And two, because this newly married couple are spending a little more time than they had planned for indoors for their honeymoon in Tulum, Mexico because of a stupid Hurricane (DAMN YOU FRANKLIN!). But I don’t want to spend this entire wedding blog discussing climate change and how our lack of action to fight excessive levels of atmospheric carbon may have resulted in a rainy honeymoon for Elif and Garrett. Instead, this Temecula wedding photographer would prefer to focus on the kick ass moments from this wine country wedding. So let me jump right into the tofu meat substitute and potatoes of the wedding day in a quick bullet point recap format!

  • Elif and Garrett are from the Pacific Northwest
  • They chose to have a destination wedding in Temecula on Garrett’s Mom’s private estate
  • Garrett wore Hugo Boss cologne because it, “drives the women wild”
  • While getting ready before the wedding Elif said to her friend, “I hope Garrett wears Hugo Boss today because it really drive me wild!”
  • After the wedding we walked through rattlesnake country to get some photos in a field
  • All the kids decorated the wedding cake
  • On my way home I stopped at the mall and purchased some Hugo Boss cologne

Below are some photos from Elif and Garrett’s wedding in Temecula wine country! Enjoy!

Wedding Photos Temecula Wedding Photos Temecula Wedding Photos Temecula Wedding Photos Temecula Wedding Photos Temecula Wedding Photos Temecula Wedding Photos Temecula Wedding Photos Temecula Wedding Photos Temecula Wedding Photos Temecula

Favorite Moment From The Temecula Wedding

Now the most obvious answer to the best moment from this wedding in Temecula would be when the bride and groom jumped into the pool late in the evening, but that is not going to be the direction I go (even though that totally was an epic moment!). Instead, my favorite moment from this intimate Temecula wedding on a private estate in wine country was when the bride (Elif) surrounded by kids important to her walked to the wedding ceremony. The moment was amazing because it really showed how family-oriented Elif and Garrett were, something I really admired about them. Not to mention, the more informal family photos! But that is just because as a wedding photographer it is nice when people do things a little more casual and different!

Wedding Photos Temecula Wedding Photos Temecula Wedding Photos Temecula

Congrats to Elif and Garrett on a kick ass Temecula wedding, and let me also send out a very big THANK YOU to Jen over at Amore Events for connecting me to the bride and groom! Jen and her team at Amore Events really do a fantastic job coordinating and planning weddings, and I cannot tell you how much easier that makes a wedding day go. Long story short, get a damn wedding coordinator or planner no matter how big or small your wedding is. Trust me, you will be thankful you did!

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