Rose Haven Heritage Garden Temecula Photos

Temecula Family Photography At Rose Haven Heritage Garden

Rose Haven Heritage Garden is a quaint little spot near Jedediah Smith Road that I often use for Temecula family photos and engagement sessions. Why? The location offers some trails, cactus, colorful plants and many little nooks and crannies that allow a photographer to get creative. And personally, I love being able to utilize the surroundings and color in my photography. That is why I was happy to hear Roja, Jijo and Sachin wanted to have their family photos captured at this location. Honestly, the family session came out really rad in the short time we spent together. But that is my take as a very bias Temecula photographer! Now, I will stop talking so you can check out some of the family portraits from this session below!

Rose Haven Heritage Garden Rose Haven Heritage Garden Rose Haven Heritage Garden Rose Haven Heritage GardenRose Haven Heritage Garden Rose Haven Heritage

Thank you again to Roja, Jijo and Sachin for allowing me to document your journey as a family! Oh, and what is even more exciting is that Roja is pregnant! That means next year’s family photo session will be a party of four! Amazing times right now for this amazing family. There is a lot we can all be thankful for!

Rose Haven Heritage Garden Frequently Asked Questions

Can we shoot our family photos at Rose Haven Heritage Garden?

Yes, Rose Haven Heritage Garden is an excellent choice for family photos. The garden provides a picturesque setting. Its features are perfect for creating memorable shots. With over 1,600 botanical plants, benches, gazebos, and a pond, it’s unique. You’ll love the variety of backdrops for your family pictures.

Do we need a permit to photograph at Rose Haven Heritage Garden?

Yes, a permit is required to photograph in Rose Haven Heritage Garden. Luckily, I hold an annual permit. This lets us use the garden’s beauty without any hassle. You can relax, knowing all the paperwork is in order. Just focus on enjoying your family session.

What are the best features of Rose Haven Heritage Garden for photography?

Rose Haven Heritage Garden boasts stunning features. Enclosed by a white fence, it offers an array of botanicals and trees. The gazebos and benches add charm. The pond and boulders create serene scenes. For sunset photos, the hillside is perfect. The light plays through florals wonderfully, enhancing your photos.

What times are best for a photo session at Rose Haven Heritage Garden?

The best time for photos is about 90 minutes before sunset. The garden’s open from sunrise to sunset. We’ll catch the soft light filtering through the foliage. As the sun sets, the mountain backdrop becomes spectacular. It’s the golden hour for photographers. You’ll be thrilled with the natural glow in your photos.

Is there parking available at Rose Haven Heritage Garden, and what about restrooms?

Yes, there’s a small parking lot on Jedediah Smith Rd. You can also park along Cabrillo Rd. However, there are no restrooms available. Therefore, plan ahead for restroom breaks, and be prepared to change outfits in your car if needed. Yes, it’s a small detail but something to totally be mindful of before your photo session!

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