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Santa Monica Museum Of Art Photos

This past Friday was pretty much like every other Friday for parents of a two-month old baby girl. That basically means dealing with lots of baby poop, unwarranted crying, and a schedule that lacks predictability. That was when I randomly stumbled upon some images showcasing an exhibit by Robert Swain called “The Form Of Color”. After reviewing the photographs I instantly wanted to see the exhibit firsthand and view in person how Swain used color. Since the only plans my wife had involved grocery shopping I suggested we instead take Vienna down to the Santa Monica Museum of Art and check out the exhibit. I also promised to show her the infamous Santa Monica pier that’s something everyone should experience at least once, assuming you enjoy sand, surf and schizophrenic folk. The art museum and beach were actually quite an easy sell when the competition was lettuce and ketchup. So we packed up the family car and headed north to Santa Monica for the day. Just like that our boring day was ready to become awesome!

The exhibit was seriously rad! I was totally enamored by the emotion I felt when looking at certain patterns of color. Swain did a kick ass job with his almost minimalist approach to showcase the form of color. I would totally love to sit down with him over like 10 beers and hear more about his inspiration for the exhibit. Anyway, the museum functions off donations so if you are broke just come with a good attitude and smile on your face and they will let you in. The museum is awesome and has something eye-catching in every corner of the grounds. Not to mention, other exhibits are also going on that are worth checking out. So grab the kids, or grab your significant other, or grab some clean clothes if you are single and head over to the Santa Monica Museum of Art before this exhibit goes bye bye.

Oh and here are some images from our fun little day together!

SantaMonicaMuseumOfArt1 SantaMonicaMuseumOfArt2 SantaMonicaMuseumOfArt3 SantaMonicaMuseumOfArt4 SantaMonicaMuseumOfArt5 SantaMonicaMuseumOfArt6 SantaMonicaMuseumOfArt7 SantaMonicaMuseumOfArt8

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