Secluded Garden Estate Wedding Photos

Secluded Garden Estate Wedding

Secluded Garden Estate Wedding Photos

When I photographed Brad and Kelsey for the first time in Encinitas for a beach themed engagement session we had an absolute blast! Brad and Kelsey both jumped in the cold water and became a total wet and sandy mess all for the sake of getting kick ass photographs. I knew right away they were my kind of people and was really looking forward to their August wedding ceremony at Secluded Garden Estate, an outdoor venue between Temecula and Pala. Secluded Garden Estate is a really unique venue that offers a cool backdrop for anyone wanting clouds and the night stars above them rather than drywall and exit signs at a hotel ballroom. However, with the outdoors also comes an element of danger. I found this out when I was walking from the ceremony site to the cottage where Kelsey was getting married. What happened was I heard what I believed to be a sprinkler going off when I looked down to see a rattlesnake shaking its tail like Ricky Martin in that “Livin la Vida Loca” video. Only this rattlesnake was not Puerto Rican, a good dancer or happy at all. After I cleaned the urine from my boxers, I went on with my day documenting the story of Brad and Kelsey’s wedding. So go grab yourself a bag of popcorn, turn on some music and let your eyes absorb a great story of a great day told in photographs!

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Temecula Wedding Photographer: Rock This Moment

One real quick side note about Secluded Garden Estate as a wedding venue! The Temecula wedding venue is very affordable and a real great location for any bride on a budget. However, I will say the owners are a little bit of a pain in the ass. They micromanage everything to the point they are rude, For example, the woman who owns the property walks around throughout the day and takes photos with her crappy little canon rebel camera and will get in the way of the vendors working. As you will see if you visit the Secluded Garden Estate website, almost all of the photos in the gallery are hers, and they all suck really bad. So if you are a bride and working on a budget don’t judge this venue on the photos posted by the Secluded Garden Estate website! Just make a day to tour the property!