Skirball Cultural Center Wedding Photos

Skirball Cultural Center Wedding

Skirball Cultural Center Wedding Photos

After having a blast photographing Jay and Jessica’s engagement shoot at Griffith Park I was really looking forward to their June wedding at Skirball Cultural Center. As a wedding photographer in Temecula most of the wedding ceremonies I capture are usually based in the Temecula wineries so having the opportunity to work at a new venue in a new location was something that really got the competitive juices flowing. Let me just say that this particular venue located in Los Angeles was beyond amazing and is now on my top 10 list of favorite wedding venues! Skirball offers the perfect setting for a photographer to create both classic and modern looks, giving any photographer the ability to keep it simple or experiment with some creative angles. It certainly beats the recreation centers, YMCAs  and empty swimming pools all wedding photographers have to first work at for venues when they decide to pursue a career in this industry. Although leading up to the big day I was primed and ready to rock, some last minute shenanigans resulted in my second shooter not being able to make it. However, that ended up just being a blessing in disguise as my good friend Justin from Inner Song Photography was available to extend a very much appreciated helping hand. So together we organized our photo gear, splashed on some sex panther and drove to the exotic animal kingdom known as Los Angeles to photograph the Shen wedding. The groomsmen were nuts, the bridesmaids were stunning, Jay had that fire in his eyes that frightened you just a little bit but also made you feel safe and Jessica was the emphasis of what a bride should be on her wedding day: classy, elegant and warm. So here is a glimpse of the Shen wedding and the start of Jay & Jessica’s story as husband and wife!


Once again, a HUGE thanks to Justin from YourInnerSong Photography for helping me out! He was the one who did an awesome job photographing the guys and providing the groomsmen and detail shots of the venue that made this blog post complete. You are a true gentleman and I will be purchasing you one of those Mexican Cokes you enjoy oh so much.

Jessica + Jay’s Wedding Vendors:

  • Videographer: On Bended Knee Films
  • Wedding Coordinator Team: This Is The Day
  • Wedding Photographer: Rock This Moment