South Coast Winery Photography

There is one constant in my special lady friend’s life, and that thing is wine. Being a beer drinker, I have never really cared to take advantage of all the amazing Temecula wineries in our area, but that all changed on Wednesday when I was told about the happy hour at South Coast Winery. Since I proudly consider myself a bargain hunting cheap skate, a good happy hour special is something that will always tickle my fancy. For those people who have never been to South Coast Winery, the place is pretty freaking cool and comes with elegant dining, wine tasting and all the trimmings of a classy place. Therefore, this is the perfect location to take that special someone if you want to literally impress the pants off them! Do you work at McDonalds? Only have enough money for frozen tater tots? Well then turn that frown upside down because for $2.25 you can purchase a 16oz Stone from the window between 4:00p.m-6:30p.m. Monday-Friday at South Coast Winery!

South Coast Winery is an amazing place, and one of these days this Murrieta wedding photographer might get lucky enough to have a couple getting married there book him. My wild cat woman even informed me that the winery has a rad day spa where you can get totally legal and professional massage services that can send any person to relaxation pleasure town. Of course, I also had to perform the standard mirror self-photo so there would be visual evidence that I was actually with Corissa on this lovely little day.

After knocking back a few beers and glasses of champagne, Corissa and I left to meet some friends at T.G.I.Fridays in Temecula that apparently is the hot spot to be on Wednesday night (not sarcasm). While at this Fridays restaurant/club, I had a couple Long Island Iced Teas that I swear had to have been spiked with something. After my friend dropped me off at home I was totally spinning, and had the strange notion that someone wanted to date rape this 230lb sexy grizzly bear. I guess this is what happens when you put a collared tee shirt on, and dab on the Hugo Boss cologne…