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When our good friends the Duffeys sent us an invitation to their daughter’s birthday party we knew it was going to be a good time. I mean when does a party featuring blue tutus, tiaras, glitter, a pinata and all the iced tea you can possibly drink not sound like fun? Although I primarily view myself as a Temecula wedding photographer that specializes in DIY and winery estate weddings, I have known McKenna since before the day she was born so I really had no choice but to photograph this event in her life when I was asked by her mom Melissa. The party was Cinderella themed and had all sorts of great details all the way down to the glass slippers. Please note the shoes were actually plastic because giving a child actual glass shoes would probably result in CPS being called. The kids got crazy smashing the pinata, arts and crafts resulted in glitter and glue sticking to everything and everyone and hopefully McKenna had the best birthday party ever! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENNY!