Temecula Birthday Photos

If there is one thing I like to do it is party. Light up the BBQ, grab me a cold one and let’s get rocking! So when my good friends the Duffey’s asked me to snap some photos of their party yesterday, I figured why not? It was an excuse for me to get out of the house, snack on some free grub and drink some frosty beers. Josh also recently invested in a ping pong table and I could not pass up on the opportunity of giving him a solid beating on the table tennis courts, which I did….5 straight games. All in all the party for Kelton and Kendall (the Duffey children) was some good clean wholesome fun, and it gave me an opportunity to take photographs of something other than a wedding for a change of pace. But don’t get me wrong, as much as I enjoy taking family photos, I still love me some wedding photography! I shot the following photographs with my 5d mark iii, and processed all images using some new preset actions available via VSCO.